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Four Dimensions of Climate Change in Africa

Climate Change affects Africa’s three most populated countries, Nigeria, Ethiopia, and Egypt in all four dimensions of food security: food availability, food accessibility, food utilization and food systems stability. Four Dimensions of Climate Change in Africa's three most populated countries of Nigeria, Ethiopia, and Egypt. Explore and Understand Africa Through Her Food and Culture Climate Change in Nigeria, Ethiopia, and Egypt. Accessing the soil for growing crops in Africa According to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, climate change will affect all four dimensions of food security: food availability, food accessibility, food utilization and food systems stability.  It will have an impact on human health, livelihood assets, food production and distribution channels, as well as changing purchasing power and market flows. Its impacts will be both short term, resulting from more frequent and

I Am Not Quiet, I Am Plotting African Proverbs

Introverts Quiet Plotting. I am not quiet, I am plotting African Proverbs; may the Ancestors impart knowledge into you about quiet thinkers. I Am Not Quiet, I Am Plotting African Proverbs Explore and Understand Africa Through Her Food and Culture Quiet people have the loudest minds If you are the quiet sort, you are probably used to people misunderstanding your quietness. People may think you are shy or maybe even insecure just because you do not talk your head off to everyone. Quiet people are thinkers; in fact, they tend to overthink a particular situation. Five African proverbs to help understand, people who are quiet may not be shy, but intensely thinking.  I am not quiet, I am plotting African Proverbs One does not become great by claiming greatness. - African Proverb The dog's bark is not might, but fright. - African Proverb

West African Egusi Smoked Fish Stew Recipe

West African Recipes by The African Gourmet Egusi Smoked Fish Stew Recipe Egusi smoked fish stew recipe is a stress-free, simple African recipe to make for a family weeknight dinner. Egusi seeds are the seeds of plants of squash, melon, gourd, and pumpkin which, after being dried and ground, are used as an ingredient in East and West African recipes. Prep time: 20 min Cook time: 35 min Total time: 55 min West African Egusi Smoked Fish Stew Recipe Ingredients 2 large pieces any smoked fish 2 large white fish filets 2 large handfuls sorrel leaves or spinach ½ cup ground egusi seeds 2 large tomatoes, chopped 1 large onion, chopped 2 teaspoons minced garlic 2 tablespoons palm oil or butter 1 teaspoon ground curry powder 1 hot pepper, chopped 5 cups fish stock or water Directions Heat palm oil over medium heat in a large pot; add onions and garlic. Add remaining ingredients except for egusi, fish and sorrel, or spinach. Cover and cook for 20 minutes. Add egusi and fish, stir, and simmer 15

Africa Spiritual Enemies Explained

Three chief dark powerful creatures and African spiritual enemies are Impaka the cat, Incanti the chameleon and Inqolobane the snake. The belief in spiritual enemies is common throughout the world. These ill-behaved often-dangerous spirits play tricks on humans and do things to disturb anyone who crosses their path. Africa Spiritual Enemies Explained  Mischievous spirits are real things to many people in Africa. They dwell in the rivers, the swamps, the forests, the desert and all places in between. They inhabit the great rifts and waterfalls. Every nook and cranny of Africa may have demons, goblins, evil mermaids and disembodied parts of humankind. Spirits travel at night, during the day, carry mysterious lights, destroy farms, steal seeds from the town granaries, sprinkle disease and famine among the cattle and people, bewitch children in their sleep, impart gifts of divination, skill and other gratuities to whomsoever they favor, or bring sorrow, persecution, or death, any v

South Africa Mango Chicken Skewers

Grilled Mango Chicken Sosaties Skewers Sosaties are a traditional South African kabob recipe of lamb, chicken or mutton grilled on skewers over a braai or BBQ grill. African Recipes by African Gourmet   Grilled mango chicken Sosaties skewers are one of the great braai or barbeque kabob foods of South Africa. Prep time: 3 hours Cook time: 20 min Total time: 3 hours 20 min Grilled Mango Chicken Sosaties Skewers Ingredients 4 large metal skewers 2 pounds white meat chicken cubed 2 red bell peppers cut into large cubes 2 large onions cut into large cubes Marinade for chicken 1/2 cup olive oil 3 tablespoons balsamic vinegar 2 tablespoons Indian curry powder 2 tablespoons mango juice 4 sage leaves chopped 1 teaspoon minced garlic 2 tablespoons mango chutney 1/2 teaspoon black pepper Pinch of salt Directions Mix all marinade ingredients well and marinate chicken for at least 3 hours. Thread chicken, peppers and

Who are the first, second, third and fourth world countries

First Second Third and Fourth World Countries What are the names of First Second Third and Fourth World Countries? First World refers to developed, capitalist, industrial countries, North America, Western Europe, Japan and Australia. Second World refers to Russia, Eastern Europe and some of the Turkish States as well as China. Third World includes developing nations of Africa, Asia, and Latin America. Fourth World references stateless groups of people such as people living in refugee camps or people who are entirely self-sufficient, but they do not participate in the global economy. Knufu recalling her life in South Africa Officially there is no official definition of the term Third world however; people in their everyday conversations use the term to describe poor developing countries and inferior individuals. Alfred Sauvy coined the original meaning of third world, in 1952. Third world meant countries that were unaligned with either the Communist Soviet bloc or the Ca

Having Faith Zulu African Proverbs

If we have faith, we can move mountains. Having faith Zulu African proverbs shows us that there is an all-knowing being greater and wiser than ourselves. Having faith African proverbs offers hope and confidence through unceasing unshakable faith. Having Faith Zulu African Proverbs   To have faith means to trust  Zulu African Proverb Zulu African Proverb Zulu African Proverb Zulu African Proverb Zulu African Proverb Zulu African Proverb Having Faith Zulu African Proverbs 1.   When a home is burnt down the rebuilt home is more beautiful. –Zulu Proverb 2.   Those that plan without the

Only Place in the World Where Four Countries Meet

Kazungula Ferry unites four corners of Namibia, Zambia, Botswana and Zimbabwe of Africa. This is the only area in the world where four countries meet. Kazungula Bridge is situated where the borders of 4 African countries meet, Zambia, Namibia, Botswana and Zimbabwe. The Kazungula Bridge created a link between Botswana and Zambia across the Zambezi River that flows into the famous Chobe River. Kazangula ferry engines The Kazungula public ferry or pontoon service (a flotation device able to float itself as well as a heavy load) is driven by a side mounted diesel engine, transports a few vehicles at a time across the river.  The border crossing is the only place in the world where four countries come close uniting at a quadripoint. A quadripoint is a point on the Earth that touches the border of four distinct territories. Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe and Zambia are believed to be a quadripoint however, the countries of Zambia, Z

15 Ways to Define Leadership Through African Proverbs

Leadership is a verb; a person who guides and directs maximizing the efforts of others towards the achievement of a goal. Our 15 ways to define leadership through African Proverbs teaches what leadership really is and what is needed to become a superior leader. 15 Ways to Define Leadership Through African Proverbs A large chair does not make a king. - Sudanese Proverb The way a chief acts affects the entire village. - Ugandan Proverb A king cannot reign without the support of the elders. - Burundian Proverb Words of a good king do not lock all the doors; they leave the right door open. – Zambian Proverb When there is peace in the country, the chief does not carry a shield. - Ugandan Proverb The best words give no food. - Rwandan Tutsi Proverb The wise chief does not eat from two sides. - Malawian Proverb He who fears the sun will not become chief. - Ugandan Proverb When a king has good counselors , his reign is peaceful. - Ghanaian Proverb When you befrie

Perfect Warrior Story

The rooster crowing in Oma Mbala crows for Eze Okpo perfect warrior African folktale. The rooster crowing in Oma Mbala crows for Eze Okpo Perfect Warrior Igbo Story  During a time of intense fighting between clans living in Oma Mbala and Ikwuabo villages of Nigeria, the warring Igbo communities held the bravest fighter from Eze Okpo, Ezekwuabo, in high esteem. The Eze Okpo of the proverb was the fearless Ezekwuabo, a fighter who combined an ability to fight successful wars with a skillful use of charms. According to folklore, he killed one of his daughters whose parts he used in preparing a magical charm that was said to produce thick smoke in which he could move without being noticed and attack his enemies. Ezekwuabo was said to have an akpu, his personal shrine that he called akpu Ekwensu or devil's shrine, where he used to make offerings and sacrifices at the end of every successful battle. He was so feared that the

Sibling Rivalry African Folktale Story

The Singing Skeleton is an African folktale story about sibling rivalry and the jealousy, competition, and fighting between two brothers. Sibling rivalry  The Singing Skeleton African Folktale Story Bamaza had two sons; the older one of the two boys caused his father much trouble. He not only was disobedient and unruly, but he also hated his younger brother, who was the direct opposite of him. One day their mother sent them to the woods to pick some wild flowers, which grew near a deep ravine. On their way to the woods, they passed through a town where a dance was happening. When the elder brother saw this dance, he went and joined the young beautiful dancers. The younger brother called him and said "Come on, my brother, let us do our mother's bidding and go to the woods to pick flowers!" But, he would not. Thus, the younger brother went alone to the woods. He found many flowers and picked a big bunch. On his

10 Time Immemorial South African Tribes

Brief History and Culture of 10 Immemorial South African Tribes. Four major ethnic groups amongst Black South Africans are the Nguni; Nguni people are Xhosa, Zulu, Ndebele and Swazi people, Sotho-Tswana, Shangaan-Tsonga, and Venda.  Together the Nguni and Sotho account for the largest % of the total Black population. The major Sotho groups are the South Sotho made up of Basuto and Sotho tribes, the West Sotho or Tswana, and the North Sotho or Pedi. San San Tribesmen The San are the oldest inhabitants of Southern Africa, where they have lived for at least 20,000 years. The word San is commonly used to refer to a diverse group of hunter-gatherers living in Southern Africa who share historical and linguistic connections. The San were also referred to as Bushmen, but this term has since been abandoned as it is considered derogatory. There are many different San groups - they have no collective name for themselves. Basotho South Sotho or Basotho people are

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