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African Proverb

African Proverb
Distance diminishes the elephant

Above the Influence African Proverb

Above the Influence African Proverb

African Proverb that makes sense

If you do not control your mind, someone else will, do not be easily influenced by people. As the African ancestors say “Depend, on your walking stick, not others", teaches, blindly following others instead of thinking for yourself is never a good idea.

Above the Influence African Proverb
Above the Influence African Proverb 

Above the Influence African Proverbs

A dog does not enter if the door is not open.

A man without enemies is like a river without stones.

By blackening another, you do not whiten yourself.

Crows gather where the flesh lies.

Nakedness turns round, hunger goes straight.

Breathe deeply and depend on your own walking stick

Not controlling your own mind and not depending on your own walking stick is needless strain taken such a stronghold that the very effort to live life quietly seems as unnatural as to cause much nervous misery. 

To turn the corner from the bad habit of codependency into a true and wholesome one is often very painful, but, the first pain worked through, the right habit grows more and easier, until finally, the better way carries us along and we take it on happily.

Conscious suffering from the strain of work and life needs to get relief, the first thing to do is to notice that it is less the work that tires us than the way of doing it, and the attitude of his mind toward it. Dropping the codependent strain and adopting a healthy mind makes life attractive and relieves the oppressive weariness of relationship addiction.

When you are ready to, you have to move your whole body in your daily life; the first care should be to move your feet and legs heavily. Feel as if each foot weighed a ton and each hand also; and while you sit take long, quiet breaths, breaths such as you see yourself taking when you are very quietly meditating. 

After learning how to breathe properly, your past and present sufferings will lose the power of accepting the abnormal and needs to be educated back to a self-fueled life. You own the power of using your own walking stick, distinguishing between the right and wrong in your own life.

Don't put your nose in a pot that does not boil for you.

More depending on your own walking stick African Proverbs

Don't put your nose in a pot that does not boil for you.

The locust lives only a little while, but it does great damage.

The pearl lies at the bottom of the sea, while the corpse floats on the surface.

The tongue breaks bones though it has none.

Thieves nowadays are not in the forests but in the offices.

You cannot stop the wind, the water, or people's tongues.

Under the pretty glove, the ugliest hand is hidden.

A dog does not enter if the door is not open.

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