Find your true life work in Africa.

Find your true life work in Africa. Africa is home to more unknown history than known. A map of Africa does not begin to show the vastness of people, culture, food, living and ancient history of the African continent. Established 2008 Chic African Culture is a learning tool to meet the demand for better education about the entire continent of Africa.


Find your true life work in Africa.

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Thursday, June 16, 2016

Literacy Rates by Country

Africa the cradle of language but not literacy

Literacy rate among African adults aged 15 years and older including statistics and definitions of literacy rates by countries in Africa.

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What is literacy

Putting literacy rates in Africa in perspective

Learning to read and write should be fundamental yet, more than 75% of the world's 781 million illiterate adults are found in South and West Asia and sub-Saharan Africa; of all the illiterate adults in the world, almost 66% are women.

Nevertheless, keep in mind there are no universal definitions and standards of literacy, therefore, literacy rates in Africa are subjective. Also, Africa is the second most populous continent with about 1.1 billion people or 16% of the world’s population. Mexico, China, Eastern, and Western Europe, India, the USA, and Japan can all fit into Africa's total land area very comfortably.

Reading in Africa

Africa the cradle of language but not literacy

Most importantly, over 25% of all languages are spoken only in Africa with over 2,000 languages are spoken on the continent. With such diversity in language, a person is counted as literate by the World Bank as the population age 15 and above who can, with understanding, read and write a short, simple statement on their everyday life. 

Generally, literacy also encompasses numeracy, the ability to make simple arithmetic calculations. 

People who read are better able to understand other people, empathize with them and view the world from their perspective.

African Country Literacy rates 2015 in Alphabetical Order

Note: no data available on two African countries from the World Bank

Algeria  80.2 percent
Angola  71.1 percent
Benin  38.4 percent

Botswana  88.5 percent
Burkina Faso  36 percent
Burundi  85.6 percent

Cabo Verde (Cape Verde)  87.6 percent
Cameroon  75 percent
Central African Republic  36.8 percent

Chad  40.2 percent
Comoros  77.8 percent
Republic of the Congo  79.3 percent
Cote d'Ivoire (Ivory Coast)  43.1 percent
Egypt  73.8 percent

Equatorial Guinea  95.3 percent
Eritrea  73.8 percent
Ethiopia  49.1 percent

Gabon  83.2 percent
The Gambia  55.5 percent
Ghana  76.6 percent

Guinea Bissau  59.9 percent
Guinea  30.4 percent
Kenya  78 percent

Lesotho  79.4 percent
Liberia  47.6 percent (male 62.4 percent and female  32.8 percent)
Libya  91 percent

Madagascar  64.7 percent
Malawi  65.8 percent
Mali  38.7 percent

Mauritania  52.1 percent
Mauritius  90.6 percent
Morocco  68.5 percent

Mozambique  58.8 percent (male 73.3 percent and female  45.4 percent)
Namibia  81.9 percent
Nigeria  59.6 percent

Niger  19.1 percent
Rwanda  70.5 percent
Sao Tome and Principe 74.9 percent

Senegal  57.7 percent  
Seychelles  91.8 percent (2012)

Sierra Leone  48.1 percent

South Africa  94.3 percent
South Sudan  27 percent (male  40 percent and female  16 percent -2009 est.)
Sudan  75.9 percent

Swaziland (name changed to eSwatini 2018) 87.5 percent
Tanzania  70.6 percent
Togo  66.5 percent

Tunisia  81.8 percent
Uganda  78.4 percent
Zambia  63.4 percent
Zimbabwe English  86.5 percent

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