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African Proverbs and Ancestral Spirits

African Proverbs and Ancestral Spirits
Chic African Culture ten favorite African Proverbs and their relationship to African Ancestral Spirits

African Proverbs and Ancestral Spirits

African Proverbs and Ancestral Spirits

Love together with wisdom is the definition of an African Proverb. This no one can deny for your spiritual ancestors love you with pure love. Knowledge and wisdom with love from the ancestors is true wisdom spoken by them thru African Proverbs. For the knowledge of the ancestors in the form of African Proverbs will continually preserve the link between the seen and unseen worlds.

In the ancestral unseen world, just as in the natural world, there are appearances according to spiritual affinities, of love and wisdom. From this, it is that the ancestors, although everywhere in the atmosphere with other spirits, nevertheless appears high above as knowledge.

Since the reception of love and wisdom causes attraction to the ancestors, those atmospheres in which there are spirits, they will be in closer connection with you. The ancestors are present throughout the whole earth; and this is the reason why the ancestors are there for you working thru African Proverbs.

Your goal, through African Proverbs, is to sum up all things you know and submit them to careful inspection, and in union with ancestral spirits search for the universal truth of all things. 

Love and wisdom are the two essentials of all things of life. Everything in life, work, family, and the spiritual, centers upon these two, and apart from these two, there is nothing. It is the same in all matters of life.

The foundation of African Proverbs, working thru ancestral spirits teach that if you take away love and wisdom from society; it fails. Upon an awareness and knowledge of ancestors, the ancestors preserve all things knowledgeable and continued enlightenment.

African Proverbs create wisdom, and ancestors’ enlightenment gained from actual experience. When a person learns, they grow intellectually, and when they think critically, learning from African Proverbs, wisdom is seen as light in dark corners. 

Consequently, African Proverbs and the ancestors’ are the essences of wisdom and enlightenment. Wisdom is a gift, as free as the air we breathe. It is to be obtained, like any other gift, without money, and without a price: there are no other terms.

There are two worlds on earth, the spiritual and the natural, in other words, the seen and unseen worlds. The spiritual world does not draw anything from the natural but the natural world continually draws from the spiritual realm. The two are very distinct and communicate only by correspondences, i.e. the ancestors. Every person, the moment they take their eyes off the spiritual world, has failed in obtaining enlightenment.

Proverbs are words of wisdom from the African continent

Proverbs are words of wisdom from African ancestors, here are 10 of our followers' favorites.

1.   Think of the going-out before you enter.

2.   The crown of a good disposition is humility.

3.   It may be a fire today but tomorrow it will be ashes.

4.   Improve your intentions and you will sleep fearlessly, even in the desert.

5.   If the wind blows it enters at every crevice.

6.   Accept information and knowledge, even from the snout of a hog.

7.   The provision for tomorrow belongs to tomorrow.

8.   Patience is the key of joy, but haste is the key of sorrow.

9.   Do not order the tree to be cut down which gives you shade.

10.       Shut the window through which a bad smell comes.

Distinct Honored Spaces and the Ancestors

Imagine walking into a beautiful garden and seeing two people arguing and fighting. Most of us would just be aghast and realize or something is gravely wrong with what is going on it is because we understand about space as distinguished; its set apart is to be used for only one thing, peace.

One of the secrets of a happy spiritual life is set aside an honored space like an altar in your home. When you set aside an honored space, it has a similar effect as when you walk into a beautiful orchard filled with every fresh fruit imaginable. In my honored space I have candles, water, and live plants, it is very beautiful and it is very small does not take up a lot of room and I use it for only one thing, prayer.

Honored spaces make you drawn to prayer, as human beings were affected by our surroundings; quiet beautiful places remind us of a kind of purity of life. We must create ancestral scared spaces that remind us of Spirit spaces that draw our hearts to the helpful ancestral spirits. Honored spaces tell us in all of who we are it is time to pray, time to enter into a relationship outside the physical; it is time to have that one-on-one commune with the ancestors.

If you want to make significant progress in communing with the ancestors, I strongly recommend that you set up an honored space in your home for nothing else but prayer. If you do, I assure you that your struggles with talking and listening to your ancestors will be greatly minimized because that space will draw you to prayer every time you enter.

Ancestors and Growing Spiritually

Spiritual awakening actually means awareness; you have a level of awareness of who you really are, of what your divine nature really is. You understand and you know you are a spiritual being having a human experience.

But what it actually means to be a spiritual me that you are Eternal that you are worthy that you are loved that you know that you exist that you're not just this being that's a part of the universe but you're the entirety of the universe. That you are the universe and the universe is you.

There is more to you than just a flesh and blood, more than that there was another aspect to be aware of the other aspect of you to the first stage of that usually is that you understand there's a spiritual part of you that you cannot see with your eyes. This part is the larger part of you is the internal part of you; you are not separate from the whole but literally one. It is that positive thinking when we come to the understanding that we are a spiritual being.

Awakening really is when you boil it down to the smallest level is understanding your divine nature and spiritual essence. You are an eternal energetic being; you are not just this physical aspect of bone and blood and wasted energy vibrating on a temporary frequency that allows you to be human. Do not misdirect your spiritual power from the ancestors.

You have a connection within the spiritual and when you can see the whole breadth of yourself with the ancestors, your being then become awakened and you will recognize that you have always been a part of the whole.

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