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Keto Couture Nigerian African Fashion Designer

Keto Couture Nigerian African Fashion Designer

Keto Couture Nigerian African fashion today represents a blend of modern design and traditional African patterns with vibrant colors.

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Kenny Okorie is an Itsekiri from Nigeria creating modern Haute African designs. Itsekiri, also called Jekri, Isekiri, or Ishekiri, an ethnic group inhabiting the westernmost part of the Niger River delta of extreme southern Nigeria and Kenny Okorie is among the most famous.

Itsekiri Nigerian Fashion Designer

One designer launch in 2012 giving a modern twist to traditional men and women African styles is designer Kenny Okorie of Keto Couture. Keto couture is based in Abuja, Nigeria. According to her website, “Her choice of materials reflects her class. She has a vision as a designer to design clothes that translate our rich African Heritage into worldly accepted fashion by fusing African styles with western fabrics and vice versa.

Her designs are non-seasonal, and our clothes are simple yet sophisticated giving strong retro vibes not just to the high class but capturing the society in general and bringing out the elegance in you like ready to wear, office couture, and evening couture, wedding and ceremonial.” 

Africa's fashion today represents a blend of modern design and traditional African patterns with of vibrant colors. Keto Couture showcased her designs during Nigeria’s Fashion Week 2012 at the Muson Centre in Lagos Nigeria. We Make use of African prints to produce designs that have a global appeal.

“There is a basic concept that runs through my clothing's, it is classic but unpredictable, casual but not easy going, it is 100 % in look braced with ethnic flavor with a touch of the cosmopolitan look” says Keto Couture. Visit Keto Couture fashionable website for a look at her new line of fashions.

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