You Can't Throw Shade at the Sun African Folktale

African Folktale

Chuwacki, he who stands up in the air, was the creator of the sun, the moon, and all things in the world. The folktale reminds us not all was harmonious in the celestial realm. The moon was jealous of the sun until the moon learned everything brings their own particular light to the world.

Sun African Folktale
Thankful for the sun and moon.

You Can't Throw Shade at the Sun African Folktale

Long ago, when the world was young and dark, Chuwacki lived. He was no ordinary being, for he had the power to stand up in the air and fly across the heavens. He was curious and adventurous and loved exploring the vast and mysterious realm above the earth.

However, Chuwacki was also lonely and bored, for he had no one to share his discoveries and adventures with. 

He wished he could see more of the world, not just the endless darkness surrounding him. He wondered what secrets and wonders lay hidden in the shadows and longed to bring some light and color to his life.

Chuwacki, a curious and adventurous being, was soaring through the air one day when he had a brilliant idea. He yearned for a way to brighten his days and nights in the darkness, and that's when he noticed something fascinating. 

The air around him was full of fine dust, shimmering and twirling in the faint light of the stars. Chuwacki's curiosity was immediately piqued, and he realized that this dust could be useful for his purpose. 

He decided to collect as much of it as he could in his hands, carefully sifting through the air to capture the sparkling particles. With each handful, Chuwacki's excitement grew, and he couldn't wait to see what he could create with this brilliant discovery.

Chuwacki formed two little balls from the dust and stretched them out as far as possible. He blew on them gently, and they glowed with a soft light. He was pleased with his creations, naming them the sun and the moon. He placed them in the sky and watched them delightfully as they illuminated the world below.

celestial realm Chuwacki

Not all was harmonious in the celestial realm.

One day, the moon decided to challenge the sun to a contest of brightness. The moon claimed it was just as bright as the sun, if not brighter, and deserved more respect and admiration from the earth and the sky. The sun, amused by the moon's arrogance, agreed to the contest, confident it would win easily.

The contest was simple: each contestant would have to shine as brightly as possible for one hour, and the one who produced more light would be declared the winner. The stars, curious to see the outcome, agreed to be the contest judges.

The sun went first, rising high in the sky and spreading its golden rays across the horizon. The sun shone so intensely that the earth was bathed in warmth and light, and the sky was dazzling. The sun's light was so powerful that it reached the world's farthest corners, and even the moon had to shield its eyes from the glare.

The stars were impressed by the sun's performance, and they gave it a high score for its brightness. The sun smiled, knowing it had set a high standard for the moon to match.

The Envious Moons Turn to Shine

Then, it was the moon's turn, rising in the opposite direction of the sun and casting its silvery beams into the night. The moon shone with all its might, hoping to outshine the sun and prove its worth. The moon's light was soft and gentle, reflecting on the water and the ice, creating a shimmering effect. The moon's light was also soothing and calming, lulling the earth and the sky into a peaceful sleep.

The stars were also impressed by the moon's performance, and they gave it a high score for its beauty. The moon smiled, thinking it had surpassed the sun and won the contest.

However, when the scores were tallied, the stars announced that the contest was a tie. The sun and the moon scored equally high but for different reasons. The sun's light was bright and warm, while the moon's light was beautiful and cool. The sun and the moon had different qualities, complementing each other perfectly.

Envious Moon
The Moon

Not Happy with the Stars Jugment the Moon Eclipse the Sun

The moon, however, was not satisfied with the contest's outcome. It still felt bitter and resentful towards the sun and continued to throw shade at it whenever it could. It would mock the sun's brightness, saying it was too harsh and blinding. It would also boast about its beauty, saying it was more elegant and graceful than the sun.

The sun, on the other hand, was content and generous. It ignored the moon's insults and continued shining with kindness and warmth. It also complimented the moon's beauty, saying it was more soothing and calming than the sun.

One night, the moon decided to do something it had never done before. It decided to eclipse the sun, and to block its light from reaching the earth. It thought that this would prove its superiority over the sun, and that it would earn the admiration and praise of the stars and the people.

The moon moved slowly across the sky, until it reached the spot where the sun was setting. It positioned itself in front of the sun, covering it completely with its dark body. The moon felt a surge of power and pride, as it saw the sun's light disappear behind it. It looked around, expecting to see the stars and the people cheering and applauding for it.

Moon Brought Sadness, Not Happiness

To its surprise and dismay, the moon saw a different reaction. The stars were silent and shocked, looking at the moon with fear and anger. The people were also silent and shocked, looking at the moon with confusion and sadness. The moon realized that it had not brought joy and gratitude to the world, but rather fear and sorrow. It had not brightened the darkness but rather darkened the light.

The moon felt guilt and regret, quickly moving away from the sun, letting its light shine again. Patient and forgiving, the sun smiled at the moon and thanked it for moving away. The sun also said it understood the moon's feelings and hoped they could still be friends.

The moon, humbled and ashamed, apologized to the sun and thanked it for its understanding. The moon also said it had learned a valuable lesson and hoped they could still be friends.

And that is how the moon learned that it could not throw shade at the sun and how it learned to respect and appreciate the sun's light.

Chuwacki Rewards Stars
Chuwacki Prasises the Stars

Chuwacki Rewards the Stars

Chuwacki, he who stands up in the air, was the creator of the sun, the moon, and all things in the world. He was pleased that the moon learned to appreciate each other and work together instead of competing and envying the sun. 

He was also proud of the stars, who had judged the contest fairly and wisely. He rewarded them all by giving them a special place in the sky to shine and watch over the earth. 

Chuwacki also gave them names and stories, which he taught to the people of Africa. He hoped that the people would learn from the sun and the moon and live in harmony and balance with each other and nature. 


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