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Instructions About the Money

Last night, I had a spiritual experience where I heard faint whispers from my ancestors. They spoke to me about the significance of having clean money and how it relates to genuine happiness. According to the wisdom of African proverbs, real wealth is not just about possessing a lot of money, but it is also about discovering inner contentment. 

Instructions About the Money African Proverbs from the Ancestors

My Dad whispered to me, "Wealth comes by cultivating together."

Listen, my daughter, for in the collective tilling of the soil, the seeds of wealth are sown. As the sun rises over the communal fields, remember that prosperity is a garden many hands tend. Do not be deceived by the allure of solitary riches, for such treasures wither in isolation. Instead, cultivate a bond with your kin, intertwining your efforts with theirs, like the roots of a mighty baobab tree. In the shared harvest, find sustenance and the true abundance that springs from unity. Let the wisdom of our ancestors guide you, and may the currency of your endeavors be measured not just in gold but in the shared prosperity of a community whose wealth is cultivated together.

My Grandfathers whispered to me, "Vultures haunt the yard of a wealthy man."

Descendant, heed the lessons carried on the wings of time. As the vultures circle the opulence of the wealthy man's yard, understand that true wealth is not in accumulating riches at the expense of others. Be cautious of ill-gotten gains, for like vultures drawn to the scent of decay, they bring ruin to the very foundation of prosperity. Instead, let your endeavors be guided by integrity, fairness, and a compassionate heart. In pursuing wealth, let not your yard be haunted by the shadows of greed, but rather be a sanctuary of shared abundance, where the fruits of labor benefit not only the one but the many. For in the legacy of genuine wealth, the yard remains free from the ominous presence of scavengers, and prosperity becomes a legacy that nourishes both the soul and the community.


My Grandmothers whispered to me, "A river that forgets its source will soon run dry."

Listen to the wisdom of the river when it comes to matters of wealth, my descendant. Just as a river finds its strength in remembering the source that sustains it, so too should you honor the roots of your prosperity. Do not be swayed by the currents of forgetfulness, for a wealth that neglects its origins is destined to run dry. Cherish the values and principles instilled by those who came before you, for they are the lifeblood that nourishes the abundance you seek. In the flow of your endeavors, remember the tributaries of gratitude, humility, and community, for it is in the collective embrace of these sources that your wealth shall endure, much like the perennial river that never forgets the wellspring of its existence.

My Uncles whispered to me, "A single stick may be easily broken, but a bundle of sticks is unyielding."

Let the insight of the bundled sticks guide you in matters of wealth. Just as a single stick is vulnerable to the forces that seek to break it, so too is an individual's fortune susceptible to the trials of life. Yet, the bundle becomes unyielding when bound together with the strength of community, family, and shared purpose. Remember, the true wealth lies not solely in individual accumulation but in the collective resilience forged by unity. Let your endeavors be intertwined with the well-being of those around you, for in the togetherness of bundled sticks, there lies a strength that endures the storms of time. May your wealth be a shared bounty, a testament to the unyielding power that comes from standing together, much like a bundle of sticks tightly woven and unbroken.

My Aunts whispered to me, "The oasis blooms when the collective effort waters its roots."

Child, envision your wealth as an oasis and let the wisdom of the oasis guide your financial journey. Just as the oasis blooms in the desert when nurtured by the collective effort of those who tend to its roots, your prosperity also flourishes when cultivated through shared endeavors. Do not hoard your resources like a solitary wellspring, for the true abundance lies in the communal waters that sustain the oasis. Water the roots of your wealth with the sweat of collaboration, compassion, and mutual support. In the collective effort to nourish the oasis, you ensure your own prosperity and contribute to the entire community's flourishing. May your wealth be a testament to the oasis that thrives through shared responsibility and the interconnectedness of all who contribute to its sustenance.

Celebrating Your Ancestors

Let's talk about celebrating your ancestors.

Your ancestors are the people who came before you, including your parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents. They're the reason why you are here today, and they have had a significant influence on your genetics and traits. It's important to appreciate and show affection towards your loved ones, whether they're still with us or have passed away. 

Celebrating family-oriented holidays such as Mother's Day, Father's Day, and Christmas is a great way to do this. By expressing your love and gratitude, you can strengthen your family bonds and keep the memory of your ancestors alive for generations to come.

You can communicate with your ancestors whenever you feel comfortable, whether it's in the morning, before meals, or before going to bed. Dedicate some time to introspection and writing in a journal. Utilize this time to express your thoughts, questions, and concerns to your ancestors. Write down your prayers, ideas, and experiences as a way of reaching out to them. 


Wise African Proverb

Wise African Proverb

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