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Ausha Words Were Like Rotten Fruit

African Folktale of Ausha whose words were like rotten fruit until magical river water cures her insensible lying.

African Folktale

Ausha Words Were Like Rotten Fruit African Folktale

In a distant bygone era there lived a girl named Ausha. She was known far and wide for her remarkable ability to weave the most incredible tales, but there was a problem - Ausha was a liar. Her words were like rotten fruit, and her reputation as a deceitful storyteller grew with each passing day.

The people of the community had learned not to trust a word that escaped Ausha's lips. Her tales were so outlandish that they often left her neighbors bewildered and skeptical. It seemed she could spin a web of falsehoods as easily as a spider wove its intricate threads.

But Ausha's life was destined to take an unexpected turn. One sunny day, as she ventured into the dense forest that bordered the village, she came upon a river. It was unlike any other river she had ever seen. The water shimmered with an otherworldly radiance, and its soothing melody filled the air.

Curiosity piqued, Ausha approached the river's edge and dipped her hand into the cool, magical waters. To her astonishment, as the water touched her fingers, it seemed to have a life of its own. It swirled and danced, forming intricate patterns in the air. A gentle voice, like the rustling leaves in the wind, spoke to her.

"Ausha, you who have spoken falsehoods for so long, I offer you a chance to change your ways," the voice whispered.

Ausha was taken aback, for she knew this was no ordinary river. She nodded eagerly, desperate to be free from the shackles of her own lies.

The river's waters enveloped Ausha, and a sensation of cleansing and renewal washed over her. It was as if all the lies she had ever told were being stripped away, like old bark from a tree. She felt herself changing, becoming someone new.

Emerging from the river, Ausha felt different, lighter, and free from the weight of deception. She returned to her village, but this time, her words were different. The rotten fruit of falsehoods had been transformed into the sweet nectar of truth.

As Ausha shared stories of her encounter with the magical river and the lessons she had learned, the villagers were astounded. They marveled at the transformation in her character. Her words were now like the juiciest, ripest fruits, filled with the delicious truth.

From that day forward, Ausha never lied again. She became a respected member of her community, known not only for her storytelling but also for her honesty. The magical river had changed her, teaching her the value of truth and the power of redemption.

And so, in the small town of Ova Ghana, the tale of Ausha, the girl whose lies turned into truth, became a cherished folktale, a reminder that even the most deceitful can find redemption in the most unexpected places.


Wise African Proverb

Wise African Proverb

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