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Africa Defeated Nazi Germany During World War II

Seventeen African countries and colonies contributed to defeating Nazi Germany and its allies during World War II, ranging from providing troops and resources to active involvement in military campaigns.

Africa Helped to Defeat Nazis During World War II

Africa During World War II

African Countries During World War II Who Helped To Defeat Nazi Germany

During World War II, African nationals from seventeen African colonies and nations actively participated in the fight against Nazi occupation as part of the Free French Forces under the leadership of General Charles de Gaulle. 

These individuals made remarkable contributions to the Allied effort, demonstrating exceptional valor and unwavering dedication. Notably, some were honored with the Cross of the Liberation or the Croix de la Libération and other distinctions for their contributions.

The Cross of the Liberation Croix de la LibĂ©ration is a prestigious military decoration awarded by France. It was established during World War II to honor individuals who made significant contributions to the liberation of France from Nazi occupation. 

Although their specific names may not be widely documented, Africans also joined the ranks of the French forces, contributing to the collective effort against Nazi occupation.

During World War II, seventeen African countries and colonies, encompassing both those under colonial rule and independent nations, actively participated in the global struggle against Nazi Germany and its allies. 

Algeria, a French colony, deployed its troops as an integral part of the French forces combating the Axis powers. 

Similarly, Morocco, another French colony, contributed its forces in conjunction with French units across several campaigns. 

Tunisia, yet another French colony, emerged as a pivotal theater in the North African campaign, with combined efforts from French and British forces countering Axis aggression.

Senegal, a French colony, made substantial contributions by providing troops to the French army, with the renowned Senegalese Tirailleurs distinguishing themselves for their courage on the battlefield.

Nigeria was a key contributor, offering both troops and resources to bolster the British war effort. The Gold Coast, now known as Ghana, likewise extended support to the British cause, playing a vital role in the conflict. Kenyan troops, drawn from another British colony, participated in various theaters of war, including North Africa.

South Africa featured prominently in multiple campaigns, including North Africa. While not directly involved, the independent nation of Liberia declared war on Germany in 1944 and contributed to the broader Allied war effort. In the Middle East, Egypt, acting as a British protectorate, held significant strategic importance during the North African campaign.

Sudan, another British colony, offered vital support to the Allied war effort. Moving to Central Africa, Chad and Cameroon, both French colonies, supplied troops and played crucial roles in North African campaigns as well as the liberation of France. 

The federation of French colonies, French Equatorial Africa, which included territories like Chad, Cameroon, Gabon, and Congo, also actively participated in the war effort.

During World War II, seventeen African countries and colonies played a significant role in the Allied effort to defeat Nazi Germany and its allies. They contributed in many ways, including providing troops and resources, as well as actively participating in military campaigns to assist in defeating Nazis in Germany and its allies.


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