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You're Old Longer Than You're Young

The African Folktale You're Old Longer Than You're Young conveyed by the wise old elephant's words that endurance and strength transcend age. The journey undertaken by the older animals in the race may have been longer and more challenging, but it revealed the beauty of enduring through hardships and the resilience that lies within, regardless of their age. It reminds us that age may determine our path but does not define our ability to overcome challenges.

elephant running a race

Aisamu is pronounced as "eye-sah-moo" and Bumasa is pronounced as "boo-mah-sah."

You're Old Longer Than You're Young African Folktale

Ages ago, in a serene village concealed amidst an untouched savannah in Kenya, there lived a wise and respected elder named Bumasa. Bumasa was known for his captivating storytelling abilities and vast world knowledge. People from neighboring villages often visited him to hear his tales and seek his advice.

One evening, as the villagers gathered around a crackling fire, Bumasa began to share a captivating folktale titled "You're Old Longer Than You're Young."

"In a land not too far from here," Bumasa began, "a clever tortoise named Aisamu once lived. Aisamu was known for his wit and wisdom, but he also possessed a mischievous streak. One day, he devised a mischievous plan to teach the other animals a valuable lesson."

Aisamu decided to gather all the animals in the village and challenge them to a race. He declared, "I will race each of you but with a twist! The older you are, the longer the distance you will have to run. The younger ones will have a shorter path to follow."

Curiosity was piqued, and the animals agreed to participate. The following day, all the animals gathered at the starting line. The gazelles, zebras, and antelopes eagerly positioned themselves, confident in their swift speed. The wise old elephant stood among them, knowing his age might be a disadvantage.

Aisamu, with a sly smile, explained the rules. "The older animals will run three times the distance of the younger ones. Are you ready?" he asked mischievously.

With a resounding chorus of agreement, the race began. The young animals dashed off, their hooves pounding against the ground, while the older animals, including the elephant, set off steadily.

As the younger animals reached the finish line, they rejoiced in their triumph. Meanwhile, the older animals trudged on, determined to complete the course. The gazelles, zebras, and antelopes glanced back, feeling pity for the older participants.

Finally, the elephant, being the oldest of them all, arrived at the finish line. Despite his fatigue, the wise old elephant wore a contented smile on his face. Aisamu approached him, curious about the elephant's reaction.

"Why are you smiling, wise elephant?" Aisamu asked, bewildered.

The wise old elephant, with a contemplative expression, responded to Aisamu, the young tortoise, in a voice that carried the weight of experience and wisdom. "Ah, young tortoise," he began, "your mischievous race has unfolded before us a profound lesson that will forever resonate within our hearts. Though our journey was marked by length and arduousness, it revealed to us the exquisite beauty of endurance, and more importantly, the indomitable strength that resides within each of us, transcending the confines of age."

elephant running a race

His words hung in the air, punctuated by a moment of silence as the other animals absorbed the depth of his insight. The elephant continued his voice a gentle rumble, "We, the elder beings of this realm, traversed an extended path, our bodies carrying the accumulated years of wisdom and the inevitable signs of time's passage. Yet, in that journey, we discovered the resilience that had been quietly honed within us, fortified by the memories of countless seasons and the echoes of challenges surmounted."

Pausing momentarily, he cast a wise gaze upon his attentive audience before continuing, "The young, fleet-footed creatures sprinted ahead, their youthful vigor propelling them with unmatched speed. They reached the finish line swiftly, celebrating their triumph with exuberance. But we, the older participants, moved at a steadier pace, embracing the ebb and flow of the longer race laid before us. We encountered the inevitable weariness that accompanies a longer path, yet we discovered the reservoirs of strength within us that enables us to persist and overcome."

A warm smile touched the elephant's weathered face as he concluded, "And so, dear Aisamu, your playful scheme has gifted us a profound revelation a testament to the enduring spirit that defies the constraints of age. Our bodies may bear the marks of time, but within us lies an unwavering flame, illuminating the depths of our being, and igniting the courage to face any challenge that life presents. Today, we celebrate the beauty of endurance, the triumph of spirit, and the invaluable lesson you have imparted to us all."

As the words of the wise old elephant echoed through the air, the animals of the village were filled with a newfound appreciation for the strength that resides within them, regardless of their age. They regarded the elder participants with reverence and admiration, understanding that the measure of one's worth goes beyond the youthful vigor of the body, embracing the boundless power of wisdom, resilience, and the enduring spirit within.

The other animals, now humbled by the wise elephant's words, nodded in agreement. Aisamu, understanding the significance of the lesson, smiled and said, "Remember, my friends, age may determine the path we take, but it does not define our ability to overcome challenges."

From that day forward, the animals in the village respected and valued their elders, realizing that wisdom and experience were invaluable treasures to cherish. And whenever they saw the wise old elephant, they would pay homage to him and remember the lesson learned from Aisamu's mischievous race.

The African Folktale You're Old Longer Than You're Young teaches an important lesson conveyed by the wise old elephant's words that endurance and strength transcend age. It encourages us to recognize that age does not define our ability to overcome challenges and achieve remarkable feats.

Proverb lesson:

"Unity is strength, division is weakness." - African Proverb 

This proverb emphasizes the power of unity and cooperation within a community. In the folktale story the animals, both young and old, came together in the race and learned from each other's strengths and experiences. The lesson learned is a result of their collective effort and collaboration. It teaches us the importance of working together, respecting one another's contributions, and understanding that unity can lead to greater strength and success.


Wise African Proverb

Wise African Proverb

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