Use African Folktales to Make Relationships Better

African folktales are used in relationships to communicate, entertain, and inspire your partner. 

inspire your partner

African Folktales are rich in wisdom, humor, and imagination and can teach us important lessons about life, human nature, and principles.   

For example, you might enjoy the story of Anansi the Spider, a trickster who often gets into trouble because of his greed and cunning. Anansi stories are popular in West Africa and the Caribbean, and they can show us how to deal with challenges, overcome obstacles and outsmart our enemies. You and your partner can have fun discussing the clever ways that Anansi tries to get what he wants and how he sometimes faces the consequences of his actions.

African folktales are not only entertaining but also educational. They can help you and your partner learn more about each other's perspectives, values and preferences. They can also spark meaningful conversations, deepen your bond, and enhance intimacy. So next time you want something to do with your partner, why not pick up a book of African folktales and explore the rich and diverse world of storytelling together?

African folktales

Here are three steps to incorporate African folktales into your life, regardless of your relationship status.

Choose a folktale that suits your situation.

There are many types of African folktales, such as animal stories, trickster tales, creation myths, and hero legends. You can choose a folktale that relates to your current situation, such as a conflict, a challenge, or a celebration. Do some research on the origin and context of the story. Where does the story come from? Which country, region, or ethnic group? What is the historical, social, or cultural background of the story? Knowing more about the origin and context of the story can help you understand its meaning and the message you are trying to convey. Here is a link to our favorite African folktale collection. 

Tell the story in an engaging way.

African folktales are meant to be told orally, with gestures, expressions, and voices. Whether you are reading or telling the story, try to use your voice, gestures, and expressions to bring it to life. Use different tones and pitches for different characters, emphasize important words or phrases, and pause for dramatic effect. You can also use props, images, or music to enhance your storytelling. The goal is to capture the attention and imagination of your partner and make them feel like they are part of the story. You can also invite your partner to join the storytelling by asking questions, commenting, or acting out some scenes.
Discuss the meaning and message of the story.

After telling the story, you can discuss with your partner what the story means to you and what message it conveys. You can ask each other questions like: What did you learn from the story? How does it relate to our relationship? What can we do differently based on the story? You can also share your personal experiences or opinions that connect to the story. This way, you can deepen your understanding of each other and your values.

African Folktales

Using African Folktales in your Day-to-Day Life.

Find many African folktales online or in books, or ask your friends or family members who are familiar with African folktale culture to share some stories with you.
Use African folktales in romantic relationships, friendships, family ties, or work relationships. They can help you build trust, respect, and cooperation with others.

You can also create your own African folktales by using your imagination and creativity. You can mix and match elements from different stories or invent new characters and scenarios. You can also personalize the stories by using names or places that are meaningful to you and your partner.

African folktales are a treasure trove of stories that can entertain, educate and inspire us. Following these tips, you can choose an African folktale that suits your needs and preferences and share it meaningfully with others.

We Seriously Love this African Folktale.

Marriage of Tau and Oni African Folktale of Impossible Love.

Ayo had a most beautiful daughter named Oni. She was visited by many wealthy men asking for her hand in marriage. 

However, her father would insist he empties the river with a peanut shell before he would agree to marriage for his only daughter.  

The men always walked away in disappointment, for the task was impossible; they thought Ayo to be a fool until, at last, one suitor Tau, actually tried to empty the river with a peanut shell!  

Tyo won the beautiful Oni's hand in marriage, for the father said: "Kdm ago tsuru baditsia tsido, He who is truly in love agrees to the impossible.” 

Marriage of Tau and Oni


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