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Bad is Called Good When Something Worse Happens

Where the sun blazes like a howling baboon and the earth yearns for rain, a thrilling tale unfolds. In this land of wild wonders, where the lion's roar echoes through the plains and the tortoise slowly crawls across the scorching terrain, carrying within its wrinkled shell the secrets of a thousand seasons, a daring duo embarks on a quest that will challenge their courage and reveal the hidden secrets of the Mountain of Storms.

Meet Anara, the wise tortoise, and Zemira, the brave lion, whose names spark awe and admiration through the annals of time. But little do they know that this is just the beginning of a journey that will test their will, as they seek the elusive golden sunbird and face the wrath of nature itself. As the drought-stricken land cries out for comfort, let us follow these brave adventurers, for in their daring lies the discovery that bad may just be called good when something worse happens...

a lion and tortoise standing at the Mountain of Storms

Bad is Called Good When Something Worse Happens African Folktale

In the ancient annals of time stood the Mountain of Storms, where dreadful storms brewed and clouds roared like lions. Amidst the wild lands, a wise tortoise named Anara and a brave lion named Zemira faced a severe drought, leaving the land parched and wilting.

Guided by tales from their ancestors, Anara and Zemira sought the elusive golden sunbird atop the perilous mountain, the only hope to summon rain. On their journey, they encountered the Great Whistling Thorn Tree, guarded by an ancient and mysterious spirit.

The spirit warned, "Beyond the desert, atop the Mountain of Storms, you shall find the golden sunbird. But beware, for great danger awaits those who dare to seek its power."

Undeterred, Anara and Zemira pressed on, braving scorching days and chilling nights. At last, they reached the summit, where the golden sunbird shimmered like a living sunbeam.

As they stood at the summit of the Mountain of Storms, ready to make their plea to the golden sunbird, thunder cracked, and lightning illuminated the darkened skies. Anara and Zemira felt a surge of fear course through them, their instincts warning them of the potential danger the storm posed. The relentless drought had left them apprehensive of any turbulent weather, fearing it might bring further devastation to their already fragile world.

Yet, amidst the booming thunder and the dazzling display of lightning, Anara's wise words echoed in their minds, like a guiding light in the darkness: "The Mountain of Storms reminds us, bad is called good when something worse happens!" The reminder that sometimes a dire situation can lead to a positive outcome sparked a glimmer of hope within them.

Bolstered by this newfound courage and wisdom, Anara and Zemira took a deep breath and pressed on, overcoming their initial hesitation. With unwavering determination, they made their heartfelt plea to the golden sunbird, standing strong against the storm's fury.

And as if responding to their bravery, the storm began to change its tune. The thunder's roar softened into a gentle rumble, and the lightning's dance transformed into a mesmerizing display of light. The clouds above them seemed to pause for a moment as if acknowledging the courage of these two brave souls.

And then, like a gift from the heavens, raindrops started to fall—soft at first, and then gradually increasing in intensity. The parched earth soaked up every precious drop, and life began to stir once more. The storm that once frightened them now turned into a source of hope and renewal.

Anara and Zemira rejoiced as the rain continued to pour, bringing life back to their land and filling their hearts with gratitude. At that moment, they understood that sometimes, when faced with adversity, embracing the challenge could lead to unexpected blessings.

From that day on, the legend of Anara and Zemira's courage spread far and wide, inspiring others to face their fears with the knowledge that even in the darkest storms, a glimmer of hope can lead to brighter days ahead.

a lion and tortoise standing at the Mountain of Storms


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