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On Safari Flying Over Victoria Falls

A Flying Safari Over Zimbabwe’s Victoria Falls.

A flying safari, also known as an aerial safari or a fly-in safari, is a unique type of safari experience that involves traveling by small aircraft to explore remote and inaccessible areas of wildlife reserves, national parks, or conservation areas.

Unlike traditional safaris that rely on ground transportation such as jeeps or walking safaris, a flying safari allows visitors to cover larger distances quickly and efficiently, offering a bird's-eye view of the landscape and wildlife.

Flying safari over Victoria falls

Typically, a flying safari involves traveling in small aircraft such as bush planes, helicopters, or light aircraft. These aircraft are designed to land on remote and unpaved airstrips, providing access to areas that are difficult to reach by road.

One of the main advantages of a flying safari is the breathtaking aerial perspective it offers. As you fly over the landscapes, you can enjoy panoramic views of vast savannahs, dense forests, winding rivers, and other natural wonders. This perspective allows you to appreciate the scale and beauty of the wilderness from above.

Flying safaris allow you to access remote and isolated regions that are not easily reachable by other means of transportation. This opens up opportunities to explore less-visited areas, encounter wildlife in pristine habitats, and experience the true wilderness.

Mpala Jena Translates to the White Impala is a popular luxury Flying Safari offered by Great Plains Conservation.

As an add-on package for $1730 USD per person At Mpala Jena Camp in Zambezi National Park in Botswana you can enjoy a tailor-made flying safari. Mpala Jena is situated in the Victoria Falls region with just 3 tented suites and a sprawling 2 private villas with 2 rooms each.

Flying over Victoria Falls allows you to witness the entire expanse of the waterfall in all its glory. From the air, you can appreciate the grandeur and scale of the falls, including its impressive width and the massive volume of water cascading down.

Flying safari over Victoria falls

The panoramic views offer a comprehensive and awe-inspiring sight that may not be fully captured from the ground. Flying safaris provide exceptional photography opportunities, allowing you to capture stunning images of Victoria Falls from a perspective that is not commonly seen.

The aerial vantage point offers a chance to capture the falls in their entirety, along with the surrounding landscapes, the Zambezi River, and any rainbows or mist created by the falls. Unlike viewing the falls from the ground, where trees, paths, or crowds may obstruct certain angles or viewpoints, flying safaris over Victoria Falls provides unobstructed and unrestricted views.

This ensures that you have clear visibility of the falls from various angles, providing a more immersive and uninterrupted experience. Flying over Victoria Falls allows you to witness the natural beauty of the surrounding area from a bird's-eye perspective.

You can see the Zambezi River winding its way through the gorges, the lush vegetation, and the impressive geological features that make up the landscape. This unique viewpoint offers a better understanding of the topography and the geological processes that have shaped the area.

Great Plains Conservation is a conservation-focused organization and a leading provider of luxury safari experiences in Africa. The company was founded by Dereck and Beverly Joubert, prominent wildlife filmmakers and conservationists, with the aim of promoting conservation, sustainability, and responsible tourism.

The company focuses on creating sustainable conservation models by combining wildlife conservation, community development, and low-impact tourism. Their efforts include rehabilitating and restoring ecosystems, protecting endangered species, working with local communities, and promoting education and awareness about conservation issues.


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