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Building a Water Shrine in your Car

Creating a water shrine in your car allows you to stay connected with your ancestors even while you're on the go. Tiny battery operated pre-made waterfalls are a perfect item to use for your water shrine in your car or you can build your own.

Individuals may spend approximately 50 minutes to 2 hours per day in their cars for commuting purposes alone. The average amount of time a person spends in their car can vary depending on several factors such as their lifestyle, commute, and personal preferences.

This does not include other activities such as running errands, traveling, or recreational purposes, however according to the US government statistics on highways, the total time spent in their cars each day can range from 1 to 3 hours or more.

During those 1 to 3 hours spent commuting and running errands, a SUV water shine will provide a portable and meaningful space for reflection, gratitude, and seeking guidance from the ancestors.

Tiny battery operated pre-made waterfalls are a perfect item to use for your water shrine in your car
Tiny fountains make excellent SUV water shrines

Steps on how to build a water shrine safely in your car.

Choose a safe designated area in your car where you can set up your water shrine. Ideally, select a spot that is stable and won't obstruct your visibility or interfere with safe driving. A dashboard or a secure cup holder can work well.

Create a small car water shrine using portable and lightweight materials. Consider using a small cup, tray or a flat surface that fits well in your chosen location. Tiny battery operated pre-made waterfalls are a perfect item to use for your water shrine in your car or you can build your own. Make sure it is secure and won't move or tip while driving.

Place a small, spill-proof container or bowl with a lid on the altar. Choose a container that fits well in your car and won't spill or create any hazards. Fill it with clean water before placing the lid to prevent spills while driving.

Include small photographs or images of your ancestors that can fit within the altar space. You can also add symbolic objects, such as miniature statues, trinkets, or items that hold personal significance and remind you of your ancestral connection. Choose items that are small, lightweight, and won't pose a distraction while driving.

When creating a water shrine, selecting colors that align with the symbolism of water can enhance the atmosphere and energy of the shrine. The colors blue, aqua, turquoise, cream, light yellow, silver and white are good color choices for your water shrine in your car. 

A combination of these colors can create a harmonious and serene space that fosters a deep connection with your ancestors and the spiritual realm. Especially using natural colors evokes a sense of tranquility and is believed to promote communication, intuition, and spiritual connection.

Water shrine cup holder foundation
Water shrine cup holder foundation 

Ensure that all items on the altar are securely placed to prevent movement or falling while driving. You may use adhesive-non-slip mats to keep the items in place. Safety should always be a priority, so make sure the shrine doesn't obstruct your view or interfere with the operation of the vehicle.

Since you're building a water shrine in a SUV, a mobile environment, it's important to regularly check and replenish the water to keep it clean and fresh. Take care not to spill water while driving, as it can cause distractions and potential hazards.

While driving, you can communicate with your ancestors by silently speaking or reflecting in your thoughts. Express gratitude, seek guidance, or share your thoughts and intentions with them. Remember to maintain focus on the road and ensure safe driving practices at all times.

Building a water shrine in your car allows you to create a sacred space and maintain a connection with your ancestors even during your travels. It serves as a reminder of their presence and provides an opportunity for spiritual reflection and guidance while on the go.


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