Magical Frog of Lake Jipe

Magical Frog of Lake Jipe The lesson in this story is that kindness and compassion are rewarded. The mother who showed kindness to the magical frog was saved from the destruction of the village. This story teaches us that it is important to be kind to others, even if they are different from us. We never know when our kindness will be rewarded.

Magical Frog of Lake Jipe African Folklore

Magical Frog of Lake Jipe African Folklore

A long, long time ago there was magical frog who lived in Lake Jipe. There was also a large village named Mwere south of Nghonji in Kenya where 10,000 families lived.

One day, a terrible rain storm occurred during which the magical frog entered one of the houses; the mother on seeing it told one of her children to throw it out, and this having been done, the magical frog then went to another home where the same thing occurred, and so on at the third.

But at the fourth house the mother, however, said, “Oh, it is doing no harm, let it stay.”

Thereupon the magical frog seeing the mothers kindness said to her, “You have given me shelter and so listen to my words take your children and flee from this village without delay for it will disappear.”

She had the sense to obey this warning from the magical frog and had only gone a short distance when the whole village sank below the water.

Moral of the story of the Magical Frog of Lake Jipe is you never know what form your blessing may come in, you never know someone else's struggle so always have compassion.

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