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Nigeria and Egypt have Six of Africa's Largest Cities

Nigeria occupies three spots on Africa's top 20 largest African cities by population with an average temperature of 77 degrees F while Egypt also has three of the top 20 largest African cities with an average temperature of 63 degrees F. List of 20 of Africa's largest cities by population 2022. Nigeria and Egypt have Six of Africa's Largest Cities by Population. Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of the Congo Population of 15,628,085 Average temperature in December 75 degrees F Kinshasa was once known as Léopoldville, named after Leopold II who was the second King of the Belgians. His administration of the Congo Free State was characterized by atrocities and systematic brutality, including forced labor, torture, murder, kidnapping, and the amputation of the hands of men, women, and children when the quota of rubber was not met. Lagos, Nigeria Population of 15,387,639 Average temperature in December 81 degrees F Lagos State was created on May 27, 1967. Ho

Horseback Riding in Ancient North Africa

Horseback Riding in Ancient North Africa Learn who were the Numidian Equestrians. Numidia was a warrior north African kingdom known for horsemanship. Horses have played an important role in North African culture and history, and continue to be valued for their beauty, athleticism, and utility. African woman Horseback riding Horses were domesticated and ridden in northern Africa thousands of years before the birth of Christ. The Numidian Equestrians were a conquering people skilled at riding horses without saddles, and bridles. Numidians were a mix of dark skinned Africans and European people from the regions bordering the current day Algeria and Tunisia Sahara desert in Northern Africa.Numidians were famous as Equestrians ; their cavalry serving under Hannibal during many battles. The role of the horse in Numidian society were multifaceted with high prestige and importance. The horse was used for hunting, herding, warfare, transportation, food trade, and as a status symbol. Kings Jug

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