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Teaching How to Pray African Folktale

Teaching How to Pray African Folklore Story. Animal folklore is an important part of African culture. An African Folktale is defined as a thought provoking classic story once only told orally among African people however in modern times with the advent of writing systems, the internet including social media the story is communicated in both written and oral forms. Teaching how to pray animal folklore stories appear in oral, social and print media for hundreds of years as many animal folklore stories have moral religious meaning as in the folklore tale Baboon Teaches Cheetah How to Pray. Baboon Teaches Cheetah How to Pray African Folktale Story. Baboon, it is said, was once chased by Cheetah, and became trapped. Baboon said to Cheetah, "Please, pray first before you kill me. Pray for me who feels forgotten and unseen and let me know that I am remembered and seen." Cheetah asked, "How do you pray? Tell me." "You hold your up hands flat together a

Bambara Bean Soup Recipe

Healthy Bambara beans are pulses that are eaten as a snack or a soup, such as in this recipe. Bambara beans are indigenous to West Africa. What is a pulse you might ask? Simply pulses are a sub-group of legumes that are harvested for their dry seeds. Beans, lentils and peas are commonly known pulses. Bambara, pigeon peas , lentils, cowpeas, chocho, faba beans to chickpeas, pulses are an inexpensive source of protein in Africa. Planet-wise, pulses are good for soil health, and many are also drought resistant and climate-resilient, their genetic diversity helping them adapt to changes in climate. Pulses are edible dry seeds of plants belonging to the Leguminosae family. They are consumed in the form of whole seed, split grain, dehulled split grain and flour. In Ancient Egypt, beans were vital for protein and are thought to be depicted in Egyptian hieroglyphics. Even today, pulses are a part of everyday cooking. Pulses have been an essential part of the human diet for centuries but peo

Twitter in Ghana Africa

Average of 22% of Africa is connected to the world wide web and of those users 11.75% have Twitter accounts.  Twitter headquarters sits in San Francisco's Civic Center neighborhood, the first headquarters in Africa will be located in Ghana. Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey made the announcement 4-12-21 that its first Africa headquarters will be in Ghana. This came as a surprise as Nigeria, South Africa, Egypt and Kenya have more established tech hubs. Nigeria has the most tech hubs followed by South Africa, Egypt and Kenya. Singapore, London, Tel Aviv, Tokyo, and New York were ranked as the leading tech hubs outside Silicon Valley.  There are more than 600 tech hubs actively operating in Africa, Africa needs better tech hubs rather than more of them for support for start-ups across the continent. Nevertheless, African tech hubs are on the rise and with Twitter’s announcement that Ghana will be its first Africa headquarters should be no shock since by 2050 Africa is projected to be h

African Proverbs Monday to Sunday Courage

African proverbs teach courage does not come from what you think you can do when you become too tired, too busy, or too stressed but your ability to withstand tremendous force and pressure and still get the job done. Your energy, force, might, and power may fluctuate and face challenges, but they are never completely depleted because within you lies a seed of courage that is rooted deep in your inner being. This seed of courage is a wellspring that can be tapped into during times of adversity, providing you with the strength and resilience needed to overcome obstacles. Just as a seed buried beneath the earth's surface draws nourishment from the soil and sprouts into a resilient plant, the seed of courage within you draws upon your inner reserves to propel you forward. It is a source of unwavering determination and a reminder that even in the face of setbacks, you possess the inherent ability to persevere. Nurturing this seed of courage requires self-awareness and self-belief. Recog

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