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Depending On Others for Love and Happiness African Proverbs

Depending on others for love and happiness African proverb quotes explains why an emotional dependency is like building a house on shifting sands.

Loaned love African proverb.
Loaned love African proverb.

Relying on others for love is an unreliable supply of long-term happiness, the following African proverb quotes explains why.

Nobody can use another person's teeth to smile.

It is best for us to be like a tall tree.

Self-respect breeds respect from others.

Do not believe what you hear before you see it.

The needy one takes home a rotten fish.

Do not show a bone to a hyena.

We do not look after our crops until it is eaten by insets.

Do not build a house that is tilted on one side.

Do not kill yourself with your own sphere.

The firewood you fetch is the one that burns you.

Do not allow someone to milk your cow while keeping an eye out for an open gate.

If you want to eat the best part of the cow, kill your own.

Use your own teeth to smile quote.
African Proverb

More self-sufficient love and happiness African proverbs and quotes.

Do not break your cooking pot for the passing guest.

Those who want to dance must start beating the drums.

Dependency made the rabbit die in its den.

The one you eat with is the one who kills you.

He who wants to start a new house must dismantle the old one.

What is loaned to you can be taken away while you are still in need.

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