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Friends Leave You Just When You Need Them Most

African folktale story Friends Leave You Just When You Need Them Most

African folktale story Friends Leave You Just When You Need Them Most

Hawk learns in this African folktale story that friends do not support you when you most need it.

Folklore storytelling is the most ancient art form of the African Community. Just as someone expresses their ideas and the form of music, painting, dance and sculpture folklore takes the ideas of an ancient story and creates with words a picture that enchants the listener with a rich auditory environment.

Many African people are born storytellers and spend many long hours practicing their art. Not everyone can acquire the art of folklore storytelling imagery, but for the beginner one should think of folklore storytelling as a heritage passed on from traditional storytellers and dig deep within the ancient storyteller that lies within us all.

Time and effort must be given to becoming an African folklore storyteller, just as any artist must give time and effort to developing their skill. African folklore storytelling can turn a shy awkward self-conscious boy or girl into storytellers who captivate and win the heart of their listeners. 

African folklore storytelling can help those afraid of public speaking by relating the value of the story and discover the roots within themselves on how to tell a story like a skilled craftsperson. 

Throughout this African folklore story of friends leave you just when you need them most, Hawk learns a hard lesson that friends are not always friends and do not support you in your time of need.

Hawk learns in this African Folktale friends do not support you when you most need it.

Why Hawk and Squirrel Are Enemies Friends Leave You Just When You Need Them Most African folktale story

As the ancestors say, Hawk and Squirrel were best friends and one day went on a hike together. When they saw that they could not reach their destination the same day, Squirrel suggested that they build shelters for themselves in which they could put up for the night.

"Good idea my friend,” said Hawk and they went to work.

Hawk wove his nest and fastened it on the branch of a tall tree, while Squirrel took shelter in a hole in the trunk of a tree. When they had finished their cozy lodgings, they both went fast to sleep.

During the night a terrible storm came up, which destroyed the nest of the hawk. It all came so suddenly that he barely escaped with his life.

In his distress, Hawk flew to his best friend Squirrel for help since the fury of the storm had been unable to touch him in his snug little shelter inside the tree.

"My friend," said the Hawk to the Squirrel, "the storm has wrecked my nest and I cannot build another in this stormy weather.
Squirrel ignored his friends cry.

Hawk, thinking Squirrel could not hear him over the noise of the storm then yelled louder to his friend, “Can’t you can hear how the rain is furiously coming down, I pray you, take me in for the rest of the night!"

Squirrel grew tired of his friends complaints screeching, “Get away! Don't disturb me!" Squirrel then bore deeper into the tree leaving his best friend Hawk to the mercy of the savage storm.

Ever since that night, Hawk and Squirrel are no longer friends but bitter enemies.

Friends leave you just when you need them most; how to cope when a friend lets you down. 

Squirrel was fed -up with Hawks bad friendship ways. What should you do if you find yourself face-to-face with a bad friend? First of all, recognize that all relationships change and change is an inevitable part of life. To think otherwise sets you up for unnecessary anguish and suffering. Circumstances change; people change. Accepting this as a part of the human experience eased the mental pain of change. 

Secondly, examine how the underlying source of unhappiness is an unfulfilled desire and understanding not getting what we want is an inevitable experience on the path of life. Not a day passes by without a desire or want goes unfulfilled. When you are able to recognize that desires are ever-present, but are often unfulfilled, you better able to free yourself from the prison of desires and make peace with life. 

Moving on in a situation like this can take several forms: continuing with the relationship, but changing your expectations, working to enrich your other relationships, or reaching out to new people.

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