Too Tall and Too Fat for Love

African Elephant Love Folklore Story

Too tall and too fat for love African tall tale folklore story explores the evils and pleasures of two tall fat people in Southern African have with dating and love.

African Elephant Love Folklore Story

In Southern Africa among the Zulu clans, there is told the story of a man named Silwa who grew up so tall and fat he was banned from the village because he ate up all the crops from the fields and the clan was starving because of his gluttony.

Silwa cried and wandered into the wilderness alone for many months until one day he met Mthwakazi, a beautiful woman who was also banished from her clan because no man wanted to marry her because she was too tall and too fat.

Silwa began speaking to Mthwakazi so kindly and affectionately she agreed to stay with him and together they forged for food in the forest and fell in love. Mthwakazi gave birth to four sons, all very tall and strong, who became the ancestors of the mighty Zulu Ndlovu clan.

Did you know?

Ndlovu is a Zulu clan name, meaning elephant. Ndlovu is the most popular surname among African tribes and does not signify a single clan group.

African Elephant Fact or Fiction

Elephants drink water through their trunks like a straw

Although they do use their trunks to drink, the water will not go all the way up. Instead, they will suck the water part way up the trunk and pour it into their mouths. Elephants drink water through their trunks like a straw is fiction.

Elephants can pick up sounds through their feet

African elephants have an excellent hearing; furthermore, African elephants can detect reverberations in the ground with sensory cells in their feet. An elephant will hear these vibrations when they travel to its front feet, up to its legs and shoulder bones and to its middle ear. The elephant will be able to tell where the sound is coming from by comparing the timing of the signals. Elephants can hear with their feet is fact.

Elephants love to eat peanuts

Elephants certainly do not eat peanuts in the wild, and they are not a typical diet for captive animals either. Elephants are the world’s biggest land animals and have to spend 16 to 18 hours a day eating. Elephants love to eat peanuts is fiction.

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