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Fools Quotes and Sayings

Fools Quotes and Sayings

If silence is good for the wise, how much better for fools.

What is a fool? A fool is a person who falls below the average human standard of intelligence be it street smart or book smart and whose flaws have been transformed into a source of amusement, or misery.

A fool can be a pest or buffoon and has always existed in the world. Should you go to a fool and ask if they are indeed a fool, would they agree? For a fool who is known to be a fool and refuses the title is one of the ultimate mysteries of human life.

The fool is more often than not a real and very robust personality with little cares for the next 10 minutes let alone tomorrow. Unfortunately, or fortuity if you seek out news, fools do not confine their activities to the family gatherings but makes every-day life comic at the moment and on the spot, even in the political arena. The fool, in fact, is a shift-changer equally at home in the world of reality and the world of imagination.

Fools as pests and buffoons abounded in life. Fools, real or assumed have always existed who have a peculiar faculty for taking life easily, for gliding out of awkward situations that would confound more serious-minded and responsible people. God watches over fools and babies is a popular wise old saying with a ring of social truth.

Such characters are a source of entertainment and frustration to their friends and family. A fools company is welcome or unwelcomed but either way, stories about them abound, and if they have little conscience and no shame, they often manage to make a profit out of their irresponsibility.

In their favorable foolish environment, they flourish profusely and their way of life may even develop into exploits. They may use their own weaknesses instead of being exploited by others; in the latter case, who is really the fool? Nevertheless, a comic fool earns a living by an openly acknowledged failure by being too short, too fat or too weird. This type of fool laughs all the way to the bank.

Then there is another type of fool who is neither a parasite or a buffoon, this type of fool we can no longer join in their laughter. Everyone at some point in their lives finds themselves in a relationship that is unhealthy for one reason or another.

Unhealthy relationships often leave us feeling stressed, unhappy and anxious. We become fools when we assign blame and make excuses for the other person not listening to the wisdom and ignoring warning signs. The line between being a forgiving person and playing the fool is a hard learning curve for everyone.

A fool is chasing a dreamy future, an idea of an ideal person and is incapable or unwilling of accepting reality. A fool desires sympathy from others for having been afflicted with a person who is constantly hurting them.

Seven popular quotes about fools.

Fools Quotes and Sayings

Fools Quotes and Sayings

Fools Quotes and Sayings

Fools Quotes and Sayings

Fools Quotes and Sayings

Fools Quotes and Sayings

Fools Quotes and Sayings

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