20 Troubles at Home African Proverbs

Drawing wisdom from Africa's rich cultural heritage, these 20 proverbs shed light on the troubles we face within our homes.

Troubles at home can come in various forms. They may arise from financial struggles, relationship conflicts, health issues, or other personal circumstances. In some cases, these challenges may be apparent, causing visible disruptions to our daily lives and creating a sense of unease or tension within our households.

However, it is worth noting that not all troubles are easily identifiable. Some issues may be hidden beneath the surface, not readily visible to those around us. These could include emotional struggles, mental health concerns, or personal hardships that individuals may choose to keep private.

It is important to remember that everyone experiences difficulties at some point in their lives, and it is okay to seek support when needed. Communication and openness within the family can create an environment where individuals feel comfortable sharing their concerns and seeking help when necessary.
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Additionally, it is essential to be mindful of others and practice empathy and compassion. Sometimes, those going through challenging times may not explicitly show it or ask for assistance. By being attentive and offering a listening ear or kind gesture, we can provide support to those who may be silently facing difficulties.

Beyond our homes, it is also important to be aware that challenges can arise in various aspects of life. These can include academic or work-related stress, social pressures, or unexpected life events. Recognizing that troubles may not always be obvious allows us to approach others with understanding and support.

In difficult times, it is crucial to remember that seeking help is a sign of strength, not weakness. Whether it is reaching out to family members, friends, or professional resources, there are support systems available to assist us in navigating through life's challenges. Together, we can face hardships with resilience, empathy, and the understanding that no one is alone in their struggles.

During this life, hard times are certain to happen; sometimes it can be quite easy to spot trouble at home but most often not. Some issues of trouble at home are fighting, being neglected, being unappreciated, or feeling scared. The range of human pain is far-reaching, but these 20 African Proverbs from the Ancestors offer a place of true comfort and understanding.

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Twenty Troubles at Home African Proverbs

Peace reigns where there is truthiness while war is the fruit of lies.

A child will be punished because of his father’s faults.

Respect the bowl that feeds you.

When quarrels persist, silence is the best solution.

The face is not the heart.

A person who gives you a little is better than the one who promises you.

Wisdom is not acquired through a number of years.

An old man who is not visited in the village has no importance in that village.

The one you eat with is the one who digs your grave.

If you like a chicken, like its chicks too.

The roaring of a lion frightens all animals in the forest.

Words are the marriage itself.

When the head is drunk, all decisions are questioned.

A blind person cannot assist another blind person to walk.

Poor dancing does not destroy love.

Eyes have no borders.

A tree is straightened while it is still young.

A wound that you made yourself should not hurt you.

A tree that cannot bend breaks.

A sweet speech pulls out the snake from its hole.

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