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20 Troubles at Home African Proverbs

20 Troubles at Home African Proverbs Twenty Troubles at Home African Proverbs

Father in Liberia Africa

During this life, hard times are certain to happen; sometimes it can be quite easy to spot trouble at home but most often not. Some issues of trouble at home are fighting, being neglected, unappreciated, or feeling scared. The range of human pain is far-reaching, but these 20 African Proverbs from the Ancestors offer a place of true comfort and understanding.

Twenty Troubles at Home African Proverbs

Africa Democratic Republic of the Congo displaced woman
Missing home, Democratic Republic of the Congo displaced woman

Peace reigns where there is truthiness while war is the fruit of lies.

A child will be punished because of his father’s faults.

Respect the bowl that feeds you.

When quarrels persist, silence is the best solution.

The face is not the heart.

A person who gives you a little is better than the one who promises you.

Music Africa
Music is a gift

Wisdom is not acquired through the number of years.

An old man who is not visited in the village has no importance in that village.

The one you eat with is the one who digs your grave.

If you like a chicken, like its chicks too.

The roaring of a lion frightens all animals in the forest.

Words are the marriage itself.

When the head is drunk, all decisions are questioned.

A blind person cannot assist another blind person to walk.

Poor dancing does not destroy love.

Dance in the name of love Africa
Dance in the name of love Africa

Eyes have no borders.

A tree is straightened while it is still young.

A wound that you made yourself should not hurt you.

A tree that cannot bend breaks.

A sweet speech pulls out the snake from its hole.

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