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Find your true life work in Africa.

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Friday, December 1, 2017

Historical Flags of Rhodesia and Zimbabwe In Africa

Historical Flags of Zimbabwe In Africa

Zimbabwe Flags
Flag of Rhodesia and Zimbabwe with historical information including details about color and symbol meanings.
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Historical Flags of Rhodesia and Zimbabwe In Africa

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Flags of Rhodesia and Zimbabwe Africa from 1890 to the present date.

When British South Africa Company were administrators of the then Southern Rhodesia, currently Zimbabwe, they used the same flag which was used in Northern Rhodesia currently the African country of Zambia. 

Flag of the British South Africa Company 1890-1923 

In 1923, Southern Rhodesia had its own flag after the end of the British South Africa Company commission in the region. 

Flag of Southern Rhodesia 1923–1964 

From 1970 to the time before independence, Zimbabwe was known as Rhodesia of The Republic of Rhodesia. 

Flag of Rhodesia

The country now known as Zimbabwe was formerly known as Southern Rhodesia from 1895 to 1980. Rhodesia was used locally between 1964 until June 1979 after Northern Rhodesia obtained its independence  and then Zimbabwe Rhodesia between June and December 1979. The present design was adopted on April 18, 1980, when Zimbabwe gained its independence from the United Kingdom. 

Zimbabwe current flag consists of seven horizontal bands in the five national colors of green, yellow, red, black, white.

Meaning of Zimbabwe Flag Colors and Symbols

Flag of Zimbabwe 

The black band in the center of the flag represents the black indigenous people of Zimbabwe. The red bands are symbolic of the blood spilled during the liberation struggle, the fight for Zimbabwe independence. The yellow bands represent Zimbabwe abundant mineral wealth. The green bands on the outer edges of the flag of Zimbabwe are symbolic of the country's agriculture.

Symbols on Zimbabwe flag 

The white triangle contains the country’s national emblem, the Zimbabwe bird representing the long history of the country. The red five-point star on Zimbabwe flag symbolizes peace.

Interesting Zimbabwe fact 

Zimbabwe National anthem was adopted in 1994

Blessed Be the Land of Zimbabwe - English language
Kalibusiswe Ilizwe leZimbabwe - Northern Ndebele language
Simudzai Mureza WeZimbabwe - Shona language

Did you know?
Zimbabwe takes its name from the Kingdom of Zimbabwe of the 13th-15th century and its capital of Great Zimbabwe, the largest stone structure in precolonial southern Africa.
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