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African Proverb

African Proverb
Distance diminishes the elephant

Every Strength Is A Weakness, Every Weakness Is Strength

Every Strength Is A Weakness, Every Weakness Is Strength

Every Strength Is A Weakness, Every Weakness Is Strength African Proverbs

Better fifty enemies outside than one within

Proverbs Among African People

African Proverbs are a force and have the power to change behavior because the truths portrayed in them are so simple and undeniable that the morals and advice they have, people feel obliged to conduct their lives in the manner prescribed in the African proverbs simply because they are from the wise elders of old. Many African Proverbs convey the truth, every strength is a weakness, and every weakness is strength.

African Cosmos

You are not a loving person; you don't remember good deeds.

Everyone is proud of himself, no one sees himself as ugly.

Good can come out of evil.

That which is meant to be yours will come your way.

Laugh with them, but it’s not good for you.

A farmer who has a big cutlass may try to fell a big tree with it, or strike it against any stick; but pretty soon, he will find himself with a broken cutlass.

Being greedy for more, you can miss all.

The school of an arrogant principal is unpopular.

Even though I’m lost in Africa I’m home.

The hasty rat misses its hole.

Suffering, it is by you our wealth began.

The danger lies on ease things.

One who gives to earn praise will impoverish himself.

What was withheld as secret thought will come out through a slip of tongue.

You can be punished as you do sin on the spot. But for others it can come later.

Even sweet things have their limits.

Who I am

What will small birds overlook, the bigger ones will carry.

Proud people who claim to be self-sufficient are left alone in time of need.

Days look alike but yet they are not the same.

If you refuse to work in a far away field, you will find yourself obliged to dwell there.

Productivity in work is better than the mislead use of strength.

When the chiefs are fighting against each other, the little ones are the greatest loosers.

When the people are numerous, there will be found somebody who is troublesome.

It is when you are in difficulty that you will know who is really your friend.

Foolishness precedes cleverness, cleverness follows

The one who takes no advice will get hurt with small matters.

I see, I see, and in the end the tree falls on you and you die.

The hen cannot lay eggs of crocodiles, and crocodiles can not lay eggs of hens.

African proverb

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