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Listen to your Elders African Proverbs

Listen to your Elders African Proverbs
Those who are thought to be dying are the old, but those who actually die are the young. African proverb
Eyes have seen it all

Inspiring African proverbs from your Ancestors.

  1. You may deny that you were fed, but your body will tell.

  1. Rivers flow into each other but stomach do not.


  1. Food that is rejected at one place is accepted at another.


  1. One greedy for food makes himself playful.


  1. You cannot make new soups with old bones.


  1. Those who are thought to be dying are the old, but those who actually die are the young.


  1. People who are on the verge of death do not hear the drum beat.


  1. Those who do bad things, also die in a bad ways.


  1. A bad life does not overwhelm the person who leads it.


  1. The spider and the fly cannot make a bargain.


  1. The body of wise man has eyes.


  1. Do not fight for a coward; he will not fight for you.


  1. The tortoise can look up but cannot go up.


  1. Lead a fool into the house but just show the path to the wise.


  1. One should understand what happens in one’s absence by relating to what used to happen in one’s presence.


  1. God is the companion of truth.


  1. A wise man plans for tomorrow, a fool plans only for today.


  1. One builds a house for the future, not for the past.


  1. A good hunting dog cannot hunt down a lion.


  1. What you see in yourself is what you see in the world.
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