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HIV AIDS death rate chart in Africa by Country

HIV AIDS death rate chart in Africa by Country

The year 2018 is the last year the HIV/AIDS deaths rate in Africa by Country was updated. This chart provides from highest to lowest reported estimate of the number of adults and children who died of AIDS in Africa during the 2018 calendar year. Fifteen African countries do not have or provide HIV/AIDS deaths rates.

HIV AIDS death rate chart in Africa by Country.

There are eight African counties with the top 10 HIV/AIDS deaths in the world.

1. South Africa

2. India

3. Mozambique

4. Nigeria

5. Indonesia

6. Kenya

7. Tanzania

8. Uganda

9. Zimbabwe

10. Cameroon

HIV/AIDS death rate chart in Africa by Country
African Country Number of adults and children who died of AIDS
South Africa 71,000
Mozambique 53,900
Nigeria 53,200
Kenya 25,000
Tanzania 24,000
Uganda 23,000
Zimbabwe 22,000
Cameroon 18,000
Zambia 17,000
Cote D'ivoire 16,000
Angola 14,000
Ghana 14,000
Democratic Republic of the Congo 13,000
Malawi 13,000
Ethiopia 11,000
South Sudan 9,900
Mali 6,500
Lesotho 6,100
Botswana 4,800
Central African Republic 4,800
Guinea 4,300
Republic of the Congo 4,000
Togo 3,800
Burkina Faso 3,300
Chad 3,100
Rwanda 2,900
Sudan 2,900
Namibia 2,700
Eswatini 2,400
Benin 2,200
Sierra Leone 2,100
Burundi 1,900
Equatorial Guinea 1,800
Guinea-Bissau 1,800
Liberia 1,800
Madagascar 1,700
Senegal 1,300
Gabon 1,200
Niger 1,200

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