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Write your name using the Egyptian Hieroglyphic Alphabet

Write your name using the Egyptian Hieroglyphic Alphabet

What do the hieroglyphics symbols mean and how to write using the Egyptian Hieroglyphic Alphabet.

Egyptian mother and child

Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphic Alphabet

What are Hieroglyphics?

Hieroglyphics are characters in which symbols represent objects and ideas. Hieroglyphics can be pictures of living creatures such as an owl, objects used in daily life such as a basket or symbols such as lasso.

Most of the pictures stand for the object they represent, but usually, they stand for sounds. You cannot exactly match the American English alphabet to hieroglyphics, because they are two very different languages, but historians have come up with a simplified translation of our letters and Egyptian hieroglyphs.

Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphic Alphabet

What do the hieroglyphics symbols mean?

A an Egyptian vulture
B a foot
C a basket with handle
D a hand
E a reed
F a horned viper (an Egyptian snake)
G a jar-stand
H a reed shelter
I a reed
J a cobra
K the basket with the handle again (because hard 'C' is like 'K')
L a lion
M an owl
N a zigzag symbol for water
O a lasso
P a square stool
Q a symbol for the slope of a hill
R a mouth
S a piece of linen folded over
T a bun
U a quail chick (which stands for the sound 'U')
V a horned viper
W a quail chick
X a basket and folded linen
Y two reeds
Z a door bolt
CH a hobble
KH a ball of string
SH the rectangle (which is the symbol for land)

Translate a prayer said to Amen-Ra into Hieroglyphics

Amen-Ra is an Egyptian sun god and utmost god of the creation. No one can peruse the story of the legendary lore of Egypt, hear the majestic songs addressed to the Deity Amen-Ra, or scan the vast realm of research that opens to his view, without expressing a wish to be able to read the writing of Amen-Ra worshipers.

Onu, Heliopolis or Pilar city was a major city of ancient Egypt. It was the capital of the worshipers of Amen-Ra and a major religious center. It is now located in Ayn Shams, a northeastern suburb of Cairo. Onu was one of the oldest cities of ancient Egypt occupied since 6000-3150 BCE.

Ayn Shams or Ein Shams means Eye of the Sun because, during the housing crunch in Cario, it was built on top of the ancient city of Onu, once the spiritual center of ancient Egyptian Amen-Ra worshipers.

Cairo, Egypt has a population of 20.4 million people. Approximately 95 percent of the population lives within 12 miles or 20 km of the Nile River and its delta; vast areas of the country remain sparsely populated or uninhabited.

Below is a prayer said to Amen-Ra, translate the prayer into Hieroglyphics. Remember Hieroglyphic is read from left to right.

Praise Amen-Ra, the mighty one who dwells in Onu, great above all the gods!

A gracious god is he to those who love him.

His rays of life enlighten all his grand creation.

Hail Amen-Ra, whose seat is Egypt's double throne!

You are the prince in Southern Thebes, grand sovereign in thy realm.

You go through the Southern land, and nations call thee lord.

Ancient One of Heaven, and Oldest One of Earth, who produced existence and govern things, still supporting creation.

You are unchangeable amidst the changes of the gods.

You are kind, a ruler of the heavenly cycle, lord of all the deities, the light of truth and sire of the gods.

The name of our Chic African Culture blog head researcher, Ivy name looks like this in Hieroglyphics:

The name of our Chic African Culture blog head researcher, Ivy name looks like this in Hieroglyphics
Ivy written in Hieroglyphics

Cairo Egypt Malls Did You Know

The largest mall in Africa is the Mall of Arabia located in Cairo, Egypt. Built-in the shape of a huge eye, the launch of Africa's largest shopping mall at 9.5 million sq. ft., the Mall of Arabia Cairo opened in December of 2010. Mall of Arabia Cairo is located on the outskirts of Cairo featuring a large food court, dancing fountains along with upscale indoor shops and an outdoor market.

The fifth-largest mall in Africa is the Stars Centre, located in Citystars Heliopolis Cairo Egypt. Citystars Heliopolis has a total built-up area of 8.1 thousand sq ft in the heart of Cairo and consists of Stars Centre, the largest shopping and entertainment center in Egypt. Citystars Heliopolis has over 750 stores over an area of 151,000 square meters.

Wise words from the ancestors

The tongue breaks bones though it has none.

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