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Why Roosters Crow At Dawn African Folklore

Ever wonder why roosters crow with the coming of dawn? The African folklore story Why Roosters Crow at Dawn explains the origins of the first cockcrow and dawn.

The African folklore story Why Roosters Crow at Dawn explains the origins of the first cockcrow and dawn.
Why Roosters Crow At Dawn African Folklore.

Why Roosters Crow At Dawn African Folklore

Long ago, when our ancestors first came into this world, there was a bitter and violent dispute going on between Day and Night. Who was the more important, was their dispute.

Day and Night deferred the question to the people of a village nearby. The people decided in favor of Night, hoping that Night would live up to the decision about his importance, and becomes Day, and light would always be present.

The decision angered Day, and it left the country for a distant land. So it was always dark here.

The people called unto Night, and said, "Since it is your fault Day left us, you must give us light!" Night tried, but failed.

The people went to a witchdoctor and she told them to send for Rooster and tell him he was to seek out Day, and tell Day that the people were wrong, he was much more important than Night.

Rooster begged Day to come back and says, "Great Day, the people now agree that you were in the right and we beg you to return at once, it is fitting that I announce you’re coming each dawn at your first ray of light!"

Rooster kept his promise, went up a hill and crowed the coming of day every morning until the end of time.

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