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African Proverb
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Anti-Aging African Annakiya Honey Rose Serum

Anti-Aging African Annakiya Honey Rose Serum​.

Make the easiest all natural Anti-Aging African Annakiya honey rose serum.

African Annakiya Honey Rose Serum

Anti-Aging African Annakiya all natural honey rose petal skin moisturizing face mask makes for smoother softer skin. Annakiya anti-aging skin moisturizing face mask is the perfect African beauty cream recipe for your spa night at home.

How to make Anti-Aging Annakiya African beauty serum

Annakiya Beauty Serum Recipe + Directions

Warm 2 tablespoons honey.

Add two drops of dew from a rose petal.

Whip egg and mix with two drops of dew from a rose petal.

Add egg mixture to honey and mix well.

Apply evenly to your face (except eyelids), lips, and neck and leave on for 20 minutes.

Rinse well with warm water and pat dry.

Use twice a day.

African Annakiya Honey Rose Serum

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