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Chic African Culture Africa Factbook

Did you know?

1. No African country names begin with the letters F, H, I, J, O, P, Q, V, W, X, or Y.

2. Africa is surrounded by water but by definition Africa is not an island because Africa is a continent.

3. The Republic of the Congo is one of the most urbanized countries in Africa.

Zombie Drug in Africa Explained

The African cannibal zombie drug flakka explained. Nyaope Zombie Drug uses HIV medications as an ingredient to get high. The old but new South African illegal drug similar to Flakka, Nyaope Zombie Drug is killing Africa. Nyaope white powder cannibal zombie drug known as flakka is a hallucinogenic heroine drug that flooded South Africa since the 1990s is killing Africa. Nyaope is a white powder containing heroine and many other ingredients which is then heated, sprinkled on marijuana, rolled and smoked as a joint. Drug abuse Africa is on the rise. Nyaope was legal to use and buy in South Africa until March 2014 but unlike alcohol in South Africa, Nyaope is now a South African illegal drug. Nyaope pronounced -- ya-pay --was introduced in the late 90's to the streets of South African Townships. Nyaope or whoonga is a marijuana joint or dagga as it's called in South Africa, laced with a mixture of almost anything but more commonly with heroin and HIV medications

Kidnapping Mermaids Living in Zimbabwe Save River

Zimbabwe Mermaids Mermaids of the Zimbabwe Save river are the kidnapping type mermaids that kidnap its victims for days, months, years and sometimes, a lifetime. Kidnapping Mermaids Living in Zimbabwe Africa Mermaids have numerous folklore stories around the world, and Zimbabwe Africa is no different. The Sabi or Save is one of southern Africa's longest rivers stretching 400 miles from Zimbabwe through Mozambique into the Indian Ocean. The belief in mermaids and other mythical creatures is widespread in Zimbabwe, where many people combine a Christian faith with traditional beliefs. The Save River is believed inhabited by mermaids who drag people underwater and disappear without a trace. These mermaids are said to be creatures that are half human, half fish and dwell underwater being more active at night than during the day. Legend has it when people disappeared in the water; they came back years later as traditional healers with strong powers having been ta

Sakawa Boys African Dating Money Scams

I love you so send me money African dating scams. Dating scams cost victims over 80 million dollars a year from Sakawa boys in Ghana. Sakawa Boys African Dating Money Scams You already know to be cautious whenever you go online, so you don't fall prey to the scammers that flourish on the internet. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. People throughout the world have fallen victim to dating scams from individuals and companies allegedly based throughout Africa. An individual claiming to be trapped in Africa and needs financial assistance to return to the United States is usually the common storyline. Typically other scam operations begin with an unsolicited communication, usually by phone, email, Facebook or more commonly on dating websites, from an individual who describes a situation that promises a quick return on money or needs a desperate loan for an emergency overseas. In other words, someone needs money in someplace and your help is needed to do it. Dating scam

Africa is surrounded by water but is not an island, here are a few African Island facts.

Madagascar is the 4th large island in the world and is located in the Indian Ocean supporting a unique biology, about 90% of its plants and animals are found nowhere else on earth.

Composed of 155 islands, Seychelles is Africa's smallest country. By far the largest island is Mahe, home to about 90% of the population and the site of its capital city of Victoria.

Cabo Verde has a strategic location 310 miles or 500 km from the west coast of Africa near major north-south sea routes; important communications station; important sea and air refueling site.

Africa is surrounded by water but by definition Africa is not an island because Africa is a continent. Continents can not be considered islands because of their size and also by historic definition since many people who study geography define islands and continents as two different things.

African cultures express, encourage, and communicate energy

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