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Simple Egyptian Bread Recipe

Delicious everyday Eesh Baladi Egyptian bread recipe will look like pita bread when done baking. Egyptian bread is served for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Serve this simple Egyptian bread recipe with honey.

Simple Eesh Baladi Egyptian Bread Recipe

Simple Eesh Baladi Egyptian Bread Recipe Directions

Simple Eesh Baladi Egyptian bread recipe step by step directions

Love bread

Throughout Africa, where there is no mechanical dough mixer available, in most families the entire bread baking process is completed by hand. Baked goods in Africa are an ideal convenience food and street food because they are not expensive, they store well and can be hand held for on the go eating.

The term baking is usually applied to flour-based foods, for example wheat, oats, maize and sorghum. These grains and flours have a relatively long shelf life. Baking is affected by several external factors, temperature and humidity are two of the most important variables that need to be controlled.

These two factors vary throughout the day and change with dry and rainy seasons. Two homes sited close to each other may have different temperatures and humidity inside, which affects the breadmaking process.

Baked goods are produced from either doughs or batters which are a mixture of flour and water made by mixing, beating, kneading or folding. The processing method depend on the ingredients being used and the product being made.

Bread is either leavened or unleavened. Leavened bread is made from a mixture of flour, yeast, salt and water. Unleavened bread does not contain yeast and therefore does not rise. It is a flat bread that is quicker to make than yeast-bread.

White and Wheat Bread

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