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African proverbs about love of trees

African proverbs about love of trees

Yesterday afternoon I went to the park, looked at every tree, and named a reason why I love each one inspired by African proverbs on the love of trees.

Nothing as lovely to the ear than proverbs about trees on the blogosphere.
African tree proverbs
Proverbs For the Love of Tree
African tree proverbs are simple, unique pearls of wisdom. Wisdom is wealth; trees are more precious than money in the sense of shelter, pleasure, and gifts of life they give freely to the world. 


A person who is always looking at the top of trees will never discover the beauty of its roots.

Trees that bear sweet fruit always have a stick under it.

Though a tree grows so high, the falling leaves return to the root.

Unexpected rainfall allows friends and enemies to seek shelter under the same tree.

Around a flowering tree, there are many insects.

Those who master the art of climbing trees with their teeth are in a better position to know the trees whose barks are bitter.

Breadfruit tree in Ghana Africa

Good will always grow from trees; reasons to love trees are clear but here are many more below:

Trees help alleviate the greenhouse effect and act as carbon sinks. 
Trees give us clean air to breathe. Trees absorb carbon dioxide and produce oxygen. 
Trees provide us with food. 
Trees reduce water temperatures and prevent or reduce bank erosion and silt. 
Trees are beautiful. 
Trees add value to a property. 
Trees provide comfort. 
Trees prevent erosion. 
Trees give us wood. 
Trees provide homes to wildlife. 
They prevent or reduce soil erosion and water pollution. 
Trees recharge groundwater and sustain streamflow. 
Properly managed forests provide lumber, plywood and other wood products on a sustained yield basis. 
Trees significantly decrease noise pollution along busy thoroughfares and intersections.
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African Proverbs For the Love of Trees
Dendrophilia means love of trees.

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