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Funny African Proverbs That Will Put a Smile on Your Face

Funny African Proverbs
African proverbs are wise and level headed sayings and some are very funny putting a smile on your face.

Funny African Proverbs That Will Put a Smile on Your Face

Considered the cradle of humanity and the origin of humankind, Africa has 54 countries and 9 territories and funny African Proverbs that will bring a smile to your face.

African Proverbs that will bring a smile to your face

Funny memorable African Proverbs
Country Proverb
South Africa Manure does not turn into chocolate.
eSwatini Dress up a stick and you get a doll.
Zambia The one who suffers from diarrhea is the one that fights with the door at night.
Nigerian You should never spit in your own well, you might come back for a drink.
West Africa The mosquito that perches on the scrotum must be chased away with caution.
South Africa Man cannot live by bread alone, which is correct, but man can also not live without bread.
North Africa A blind man already has his foot on the stone he threatens to throw at you.
Moroccan An onion shared with a friend tastes like roast lamb.
Ethiopian Believe the liar up to the door of his house and no further than that.

You cannot stop a pig from wallowing in the mud. - African Proverb

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