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Easy Curried Rice Balls

Easy Curried Rice Balls These curry deep-fried rice balls using leftover white rice are served with South African lunch and dinner meals with curries and madras dishes.

Easy Curried Rice Balls.

Curried Rice Balls

South Africa's know how to make rice balls with leftover rice. You should have enough oil in the pan to completely cover the rice balls when frying, which will ensure they're perfectly cooked on all sides.

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Curried rice balls, are perfectly golden brown and crunchy on the outside.

2 large eggs.
2 cups of cooked white rice.
2 teaspoons ground curry.
Pepper and salt to taste.
Oil for frying.

Add all ingredients except one egg into a large bowl and mix well. Form into balls and beat remaining egg and dip balls into the egg. Fry curry balls to a golden brown. Drain on a paper towel and serve warm.

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