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African Proverb

African Proverb
Distance diminishes the elephant

Top ten African countries with the highest electricity bills

The top ten African countries with the highest electricity bills.

Two out of three people in sub-Saharan Africa lack access to electricity due to high electric bills and lack of fundamental facilities and systems.

Electricity is all around us but two out of three people below the Sahara desert in Africa lack access to electricity. In economics, the efficiency of electricity and electrification links technological progress. Educational opportunities are restricted by daylight for 662 million people in Africa. Learn the truth about reliable affordable electricity in Africa.

The period of reliable and affordable access to electricity for businesses and households in Africa will be one of the highest priorities for stable economic growth.

Cooking on a wood powered stove

In economics, the efficiency of electrification links technological progress. The African continent is gifted with fossil fuels and renewable energy resources however; nearly 662 million Africans lack access to electricity and a life without electricity is a life with limited opportunities. Entrepreneurs cannot count on consistent power to operate equipment or access tools for communications and market development. Educational opportunities are restricted by daylight.

The top ten African countries with the highest electricity prices per watts.


The Gambia

Sierra Leone




Burkina Faso

Central African Republic



Electric power bills throughout Africa.

Power Africa’s approach considers three related but distinct challenges to bringing the vision of the project to life. Power must be available, meaning sufficient megawatts must be generated to meet people’s needs. It must be accessible so that even those communities that cannot be connected to national grids can still access electricity. And it must meet basic quality considerations, meaning natural resources and megawatts generated are efficiently managed to ensure optimal use.

In most countries in Africa, most households cannot afford to connect and pay tariffs for electricity access. This is why electricity access is often low. However, households and businesses with access often face multiple blackouts and brownouts per day. Electricity pricing varies widely from country to country, the cost of the service in Africa is often among the highest in the world.

Percentage of electricity access in Africa is as follows.

African Country Name Access to electricity % of population
Algeria 99.4
Angola 40.5
Benin 41.4
Botswana 60.6
Burundi 7.5
Burkina Faso 19.1
Cameroon 60
Cape Verde 92.61
Chad 8.83
Central African Republic 13.99
Egypt 100
Cote d'Ivoire 64.3
The Democratic Republic of the Congo 17.1
Republic of the Congo 56.57
Equatorial Guinea 67.89
Djibouti 51.78
Eritrea 46.68
Ethiopia 42.9
Guinea 33.5
The Gambia 47.76
Gabon 91.4
Ghana 79.3
Guinea-Bissau 14.66
Kenya 56
Liberia 19.8
Mauritania 41.65
Mali 35.07
Malawi 11
Lesotho 29.73
Libya 98.54
Madagascar 22.9
Mauritius 98.78
Morocco 100
Mozambique 24.2
Namibia 51.78
Nigeria 59.3
Niger 16.22
Rwanda 29.37
Sao Tome and Principe 65.44
Senegal 64.5
Sierra Leone 20.3
Seychelles 100
South Africa 84.2
Somalia 29.89
South Sudan 8.9
Sudan 38.53
eSwatini former Swaziland 65.79
Tanzania 32.7
Togo 46.93
Tunisia 100
Uganda 26.7
Zimbabwe 38.15
Zambia 27.22

Did you know? Two out of three people in sub-Saharan Africa lack access to electricity.

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