Our favorite African fashion magazines

Our favorite online and print edition African fashion magazines highlighting modern African perspectives of African fashion and everything in between.

Haute African Fashion Magazines
Haute African Fashion

African fashion industry leaders highlighting modern African fashion .

Each magazine has its own uniqueness however; each magazine provides a positive portrayal of Africa and her continuing inspiration on culture throughout the world.

Listed are a few of our favorite African fashion magazines. Many more print and digital African publications are media standouts reflecting Africa’s gorgeous diverse culture discover your favorite.

Zen Magazine Africa is a vibrant African based global online magazine that promotes fashion, travel, models, African Heritage and cultural arts from Africans.

ARISE is Africa’s first and foremost international style magazine. Highlighting African achievement in fashion, music, culture and politics, it provides a positive portrayal of the continent and its contribution to contemporary society across the world.

New African Woman is a colorful lifestyle magazine dedicated to providing in-depth coverage of fashion and beauty, health and wellbeing, parenting and family, and much, much more. The magazine is a celebration of black beauty and culture and with a unique indigenous twist; we offer an insight into the life of the African woman in an intelligent, meaningful and inspirational manner. It offers intelligent, meaningful and inspirational features and news in areas that embrace and celebrate the African woman’s diverse accomplishments and aspirations in all spheres.

FabAfriq is a unique concept magazine offering culture and lifestyle information for people of black origin and individuals who want to learn about African culture. Our objective is to challenge and dispel the stereotypes and myths about Africa and people of black origin, showing the world there is much more to our beautiful continent and people than meets the eye.

AfriPOP! Dynamic, engaging and celebratory, AfriPOP! gives readers a front-row seat to the modern African perspective. We aim to inspire across borders by curating relevant cultural conversations around what affects Afropolitans around the globe. Our smart and engaging take on African pop culture, fashion and art is relevant, fun, and in the know.

Highlighting modern African perspectives of African fashion and everything in between.

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