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Ten Democratic Republic of Congo African Proverbs

All company is not good company. 

Ten African Proverbs from the 12th largest country in the world, the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Intelligence is like fire, people take it from others.

The basket that was used to carry a gift to a neighbor will bring back another gift.

The person who pursues two things will miss all of them.

Congolese woman
After her house was burned down a Congolese woman clears land for a new home.

A small mistake can bring great damage.

The less important person is the one bringing many problems.

She prepares a good meal, but the husband says there is too much salt.

The rain said I have warned you through lighting to mend your homes.

Unity finished the greatness of the forest.

People love you when you succeed but when you are poor you smell bad.

Girls face the same issues that women face. 

More War Democratic Republic of Congo African Proverbs

The Congolese people of the Democratic Republic of Congo have endured decades of civil war and political turmoil. 

War African proverbs.

War cry rings louder than a mothers cry. 

All are not soldiers that go to the wars. 

 A growing youth has a hyena in his belly. 

 A fart cannot be dispelled with a fan. 

A hundred years cannot repair a moment's loss of trust. 

A hungry belly has no ears. 

Don’t water the fields of others, while your own are dry. 

All are not warriors that blow the horn of war. 

An old warrior is never in haste to strike the blow. 

A bad thing never dies.

Despite war in the Democratic Republic of Congo there are still people able to contribute positive energy to the world coming out the other side whole and well. Congolese people are children of light, not darkness.

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