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African Sunsets

African Sunsets Beauty in the African Sky‎

Do you know what makes a colorful sunset happen?
Different colors are associated with different wavelengths and depending on what happened to the light before it got to you, some of those visible wavelengths do not even reach your eye. Portions of it are absorbed and filtered out in the atmosphere. You will see bright sunsets in most places in Africa because the air along the path of the ray of sunlight tends to be dryer and cleaner. 

African sunsets Beauty in the African sky as the sun sets on another day in Africa enjoy readers favorite sunsets in Africa through the lens of the camera.

African Sunsets | Beauty in the African Sky‎
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African sunsets are a remarkable sight; appearing in a variety of colors. Everyone at one time or another has looked into the western horizon gazing at the beautiful red and orange colors of an African sunset.

Serengeti National Park covers around …