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Kantanka Cars and Trucks Made in Africa by Africans

Ghana car company Kantanka Cars and Trucks are made in Africa by Africans. Kantanka car manufacturing company is Ghana's first carmaker. 

Founder of Kantanka Automobile Company and the Kantanka Group is Apostle Dr. Ing. Kwadwo Safo Kantanka. He is also the founder of the Christ Reformed Church and known as the Star of Africa, which is the same emblem, used on the hood of his Kantanka car line.

Ghana Kantanka Omama Luxury Pickup, Kantanka Automobile is a Ghanaian Automobile Manufacturing and Assembling Company.
Ghana's Kantanka Omama Luxury Pickup

Kantanka Automobile is a Ghanaian-based car manufacturing company that was founded by Apostle Dr. Ing. Kwadwo Safo Kantanka in 1998. Kantanka Was established in 1994, and became a limited liability company in 2004. Before he started the car manufacturing business, Apostle Safo was known for his expertise in the field of electrical engineering, and he made a name for himself by inventing various technological innovations in Ghana. 

In 1998, Apostle Safo ventured into the automotive industry by assembling his first car, the Kantanka Saloon. He used his engineering skills to design and manufacture the car using local materials and labor. The car was well received by Ghanaians, and it led to the establishment of the Kantanka Automobile Company. 

Today, Kantanka Automobile is a leading car manufacturing company in Ghana, producing a range of cars that includes SUVs, pickup trucks, sedans and hatchback cars. The company employs over 300 workers, several showrooms and service centers across the country.  

The cars manufactured by Kantanka Automobile are designed to meet the needs and preferences of Ghanaians and other Africans. The company uses locally sourced materials and labor to manufacture its cars, which helps to support the local economy. The manufacturing process involves a combination of traditional and modern methods, with much of the work done by hand. 

The cars are assembled at the company's manufacturing plant in Gomoa Mpota, which is located in the Central Region of Ghana. The company has grown to become a leading car manufacturer in Ghana, and it continues to expand its operations to other African countries.

As of April 2023 Kantanka Automobile has shipped cars to Norway but not to the United States or any other country outside of the continent of Africa we will keep you posted.

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