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Sunday, April 1, 2018

African Proverbs About Fear and Frauds

African Proverbs About Fear and Frauds

The young may think that fear and frauds African proverbs quoted by their elders are simple ways of speaking, borrowed from others of generation of old. However, as they grow older they are surprised to learn that many, if not all fear and frauds African proverbs had been used for centuries not only their parents, grandparents and ancestors but also all over the world. The influence of fear and frauds proverbs over the hearts and lives of African people is unquestioned as spoken authority and the last word.

African Proverbs About Fear and Frauds

Ancestors Influence of Proverbs

African Proverbs About Fear and Frauds

African Proverbs About Fear Fiends and Frauds


The cow that has been burnt out of its shed sees the evening sky red and trembles.

Once bitten by a snake he fears a rope.

Who has burnt himself with hot food blows at cold.


There are many preachers and teachers who don't hear themselves.

A healer of others, himself diseased.

Wise teachers give fruits not flowers.


When the poor man grows rich, he beholds the stars at noonday.

When he had filled his belly, he began to mock the poor.

When the old goat goes to church, he does not stop until he gets to the altar.

African Proverbs About Fear

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