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Monday, November 28, 2016

Africa Luxurious Train Safari

Rovos Rail Blue Train

Luxurious train safari across sub-Saharan Africa

Africa Luxurious train safari across sub-Saharan Africa
Africa Luxurious train 
Rovos Rail also known as The Pride of Africa is a restored luxury vintage steam train company with a unique 3,000-mile journey across sub-Saharan Africa. Rohan Vos with a locomotive and seven carriages started the Rovos Rail company on April 29, 1989.

The most luxurious train carriage of South Africa's Rovos Rail is the Blue Train. It has private two-person compartments and runs between Cape Town and Pretoria and costs for a deluxe suite start at 15,155 rand, about $1,500 US Dollars per person printed after year 2001.

African Luxurious train safari across sub-Saharan Africa
Train safari across sub-Saharan Africa
The 15-day 3,025 mile private rail tour aboard Rovos Rail ultimate luxury trek is from Cape Town South Africa to Dar es Salaam Tanzania. Rovos Rail, the Pride of Africa, stretches across South Africa and Botswana, touches Zimbabwe at Victoria Falls, and crosses Zambia to Tanzania.

Rovos Rail offers many extravagant train safari journeys from 2-15 days:

·        Cape Town to Pretoria – 2 days
·        Pretoria to Durban – 2 days
·        Pretoria to Victoria Falls – 3 days
·        Winter Warmer Cape Town to St James – 4 days
·        Pretoria to Namibia – 9 days
·        African Golf Collage between Pretoria, Kruger Park, Durban to Cape Town – 9-10 days
·        Golf Safari – 9 days
·        Durban to Victoria falls including Fairmont Zimbali, Fire and Ice and Victoria Falls Hotel – 11 days
·        Cape Town to Dar es Salaam – 15 days   
African Luxurious train safari across sub-Saharan Africa Rovos Rail
Africa Luxurious train safari Africa Rovos Rail
Rovos Rail luxury train was involved in an accident April 21, 2010 when train carriages ran away for 12 miles from Centurion Station and derailed at Pretoria. 

Three people were killed and seven were seriously injured. Rohan Vos says, “It’s wonderful to see that, despite ups and downs, Rovos Rail is doing so well and has helped preserve much of our railway history.”

From the Mountains to the Sea, Africa’s luxurious train safari across sub-Saharan Africa in a private rail tour. The Pride of Africa signature train journey is Cape Town to Dar es Salaam; its lavish and romantic meander through Africa is a once in a lifetime adventure.

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