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Sunday, July 3, 2016

How the Moon Came to Be African Folklore Story

Gazing up at the moon for millions of years and asking how did the moon come to be, finally the answer to this age old question is explained in the ancient African Folklore story how the moon came to be.

How the Moon Came to Be African Folklore Story

How the Moon Came to Be African Folklore Story

How the Moon Came to Be African Folklore Story

Once there were two suns and no moon. The suns are jealous of each other, and compete in tests of toughness and strength.

Finally, Sudi Sun decides to trick Rival Sun Oko, and invites him to go bathing. On the river's bank, it is agreed that Sudi go upstream and Oko downstream.

Sudi is to jump in first into the water; Rival Sun is to follow as soon as he hears the splash. But, instead of jumping into the water, Sudi throws in an enormous rock. Oko jumps in, and the stream carries away much of his strength and power.

Sudi laughs and says to Oko, "From now on your name will be Moon and you shall be king of night while I rule the day!"

Some African folk tales are real. 

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