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Saturday, June 27, 2015

Kikuyu Tribe Money and Wealth African Proverbs

Kikuyu Tribe of Kenya African Proverbs on Money and Wealth.

The Kikuyus, also known as Gikuyu or Agikuyu, make up Kenya’s largest ethnic group around 22 percent. The Kikuyu tribe is a Bantu tribe that neighbors the Embu, Mbeere and Meru tribes around Mount Kenya. Kikuyus speak the Kikuyu language, and most of them live around the fertile central highlands and Mount Kenya where they mainly grow tea and coffee. The Kikuyu tribe dominates leadership and politics in Kenya.

Kenya African Proverbs in Kikuyu language and English Language:

Gutiri mbura itari gitonga kiayo.
There is no rain that does not bring wealth to someone.

Kenyan Police force Utonga wa muici nduthuunaga, na ni uteeaga wake.
Unlawful riches do not prosper; they ruin even the legitimate ones.

Guthinga kurugite gutonga
Virtue is better than riches.

Muriio wa njoohi niuriukagwo, no wa indo nduriukagwo.
The drunkenness of beer passes away, but that of wealth does not.

Iroobagia ha muoni.
Vultures haunt the yard of a wealthy man.

The Kenyan Shilling is the currency of Kenya

Gukiaga na gutonga ititiganaga.
Poverty and riches do not leave each other.

Indo ni kurimithanio
Wealth comes by cultivating together.

Andu ni indo.
People are wealth.

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