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Thursday, April 23, 2015

Had a Bad Day? African Proverbs to Help Soothe Your Soul

Had a Bad Day African Proverbs

African Proverbs to calm your restless spirit when you've had a bad day.

African Proverbs to Help Soothe Your Soul

African proverbs of love and hope for a rotten day.

Nelson Mandela smiled on the outside and inside

Those who want rain must also accept the mud. - Ghanaian proverb

Smooth seas do not make skillful sailors. - Malawi proverb

Those who want peace make their own peace. - Zambian proverb

Africa Seychelles St-Pierre Islet photo by Didier Baertschiger

If you think you are too small to make a difference try sleeping in a room with a pesky Mosquito - African Proverb

The sun does not forget a village just because it is small. - Mali proverb

However long the night, the dawn will break.  - African Proverb

Good friends photo by Georgie Pauwels

The best bed a person can sleep on is peace. - Somali proverb

Cutting off the head is not the cure for a headache. - Yoruba proverb

Return to old watering holes for more than water; friends and dreams are there to meet you. - African proverb

African Proverbs to Help Soothe Your Soul

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A bird sits on a tree it likes - African Proverb

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