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If you like honey, fear not the bees. -African Proverb

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Don't Hold a Grudge: African Proverbs to Help You Let it Go

Words have great power and these inspirational African Proverbs will challenge the way you think and maybe even help you to let go of your grudges in order to free yourself from a self-made prison of thoughts and words.

African Proverbs to Help You Let it GoA loose tooth will not rest until it's pulled out  - African Proverb

Those who want rain must also accept the mud  - Ghanaian Proverb

A person who does not bathe 
must know it of himself that he is dirty  - Nigerian proverb

We are what our thinking makes us  - Ashanti Proverb

When a man is stung by a bee he does not destroy all beehives  -African Proverb

African Proverbs to Help You Let it GoHe who is courteous is not a fool  - Nigerian proverb

If hate lasts for a long time it will become a tradition  – Igbo Proverb

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