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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Pepper Vinegar

Pepper vinegar is a must-have condiment to use soups, stews, on sandwiches just about anywhere you want to add a kick of heat. A little of this pepper vinegar is also excellent in gravy of any kind, and various sauces like BBQ for an unique flavor. This pepper vinegar recipe could not be any easier to make, just a few ingredients and a few steps you are done.

Dozen pods of black pepper
6 cups white distilled vinegar

Africa hot pepperGet one dozen pods of pepper when ripe, take out the stems, and cut them in two; put them in a pot with vinegar, boil it away to one quart, and strain it through a sieve. Allow to cool, add mixture to a jar or bottle and your done!

A little of this is excellent in gravy of every kind, and gives a flavor greatly superior to black pepper; it is also very good when added to various sauces like BBQ, for an unique flavor. 

Did you know…?

Moroccan Sweet Fig Chicken can be made with pepper vinegar instead of olive oil

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