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Friday, April 13, 2012

When Does African Tourism Become Unethical

When Does African Tourism Become Unethical, there can be a fine line between cultural tourism and human safaris.

Cultural tourism is an organized tour that takes visitors to a place where they can observe "locals" in their indigenous settings. You can also visit cultural villages to learn more about how indigenous and inhabitants lived, and how the various languages, customs and traditions are celebrated. Enjoy dust dancing and singing by the locals; enjoy long tables groaning with food dishes.
There can be a fine line between cultural tourism and human safaris. True cultural tourism offers an opportunity for interaction, perhaps alongside shopping opportunities, food demonstrations or craft lessons.
Human safaris focus on the opportunity to see, photograph and video local people in an exploitative manner; for example, a tour that takes vacationers to a tribal village, encourages vacationers to bribe locals with food or money to perform a dance and permits the vacationers to film the entire experience would definitely fall into the "human safari" category.
Many potential tourists are interested in an opportunity for interaction with indigenous people therefore there is a need for national policies to conserve each country's cultural heritage as more tourists visit Africa each year.


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