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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Roosterkoek Yeast Rolls Made On the Grill

Roosterkoek Yeast Roll Recipe

Grilled Bread

Roosterkoek means as much to Southern Africa as biscuits mean to the Southern USA. An excellent homemade roosterkoek is essential to life itself. Once you have become skilled at making roosterkoek, you will serve it at every braai (BBQ).

Roosterkoek Yeast Rolls 

Roosterkoek Yeast Rolls Made On the Grill
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Roosterkoek also known as grill cakes is a traditional South African recipe for yeast bread made on the braai or barbeque grill. 

Cake Flour: 2 1/4 cups 
Olive Oil: 2 tablespoons 
White Sugar: 1/4 cup 
Warm Water: 1 cup 
Active Dry Yeast: 1 package 
Beaten Egg: 1 large 
Salt: 1/2 teaspoon

In a large bowl, mix oil, sugar, and warm water then mix in the yeast until dissolved. Mix egg, salt, and flour. Allow the dough to rise until doubled in size. Divide the dough into 8 equal pieces, and allow to rise again until doubled in size. Over very low coals, lay the roosterkoek dough on the grill, with enough space between to rise. Bake over very low coals for about 20 minutes, turning often. Insert a knife into the bread, if it comes out clean the roosterkoek is ready. Finding the right temperature to make the roosterkoek on the grill can be tricky but practice makes perfect.

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Roosterkoek Yeast Rolls three facts

Grilled Bread

Roosterkoek is a traditional bread to accompany a braai.

Roosterkoek is a bread recipe made to grill on a fire in the great outdoors.

Roosterkoek are best eaten piping hot and straight off the braai.

Roosterkoek Yeast Rolls

Roosterkoek Yeast Rolls

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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Cipushi Zambia Sweet Pumpkin Porridge Recipe

Cipushi Zambia Sweet Pumpkin Porridge Recipe

Sweet Pumpkin Recipe
Cipushi Zambia Sweet Pumpkin Porridge is a cheap and easy recipe from Africa to make to satisfy both budget and hunger.
Zambia Sweet Pumpkin Recipe

Cipushi Zambia Sweet Pumpkin Porridge Recipe

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In Zambia pumpkin and pumpkin leaves are a very popular vegetable in both rural and urban areas.

What porridge is and how is it different from oatmeal.

Porridge is a dish of grains or vegetables cooked in milk or water such as oatmeal, rice or grits. Porridge is any cereal grain served hot or cold as a meal is considered porridge, therefore oatmeal, rice and grits are porridges. Cipushi Zambia sweet pumpkin porridge is a dish of sweet pumpkins cooked in milk and is an inexpensive African meal to make.

Cipushi Zambia Sweet Pumpkin Porridge

Cipushi Zambia Sweet Pumpkin Porridge

1 large can of pumpkin

½ cup creamy peanut butter

4 cups whole or 2% milk

¼ cup sugar or to taste

Cinnamon and allspice optional



Add all ingredients into a large pot mix well and simmer 10 minutes. Serve as a breakfast meal.

Did you know?
Zambia, officially the Republic of Zambia has a population of about 13 million people.

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