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Find your true life work in Africa.

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Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Onyankopon Created and Named All Things

Four Akan Dabɔne Sacred Days Akan Calendar

Onyankopon, the great one sent the rivers and the sea, who were his children, to receive honour from men and in turn to confer benefits on mankind. There are also the ever-present Bore-Bore the creator, nsamanfo, the spirits of the ancestors, OtumfoTumi the powerful one, Otomankoma the eternal one, Ananse Kokroko the great spider and Onyankopon Kwame the great one who came into existence on a Saturday but Onyankopon is the god who makes all.

Onyankopon created and named all things. Onyankopon means Onyame-a god; Koro–one; Pon–great; meaning the only great god, besides whom no other is as great.

Onyankopon Folklore Story

Long, long ago the Great One, Onyankopon lived on earth and was very near to the people. Now there was a certain disobedient old woman who used to pound her fufu and the pestle used to constantly knock against Onyankopon head causing him great pain.

Onyankopon said to the old woman, "Why do you always upset me? 

Because of what you are doing I am going to take myself away up in the sky ". And of a truth he did so.' 'But now, since people could no longer approach near to Onyankopon, that old woman told all the children in the village to search for all the wood they could find and bring them, and pile one on top of another, till they reached to where Onyankopon was hiding in the sky.

Therefore, the children did so, and piled up many pieces of wood, one on top of another, until there remained but a few pieces left to reach Onyankopon.

Now, the children ran out of wood and since they could not get any more anywhere, that old woman, told the children, "Take one out from the bottom and put it on top to make them reach".

So the children removed a single piece of wood from the bottom, and all the children rolled and fell to the ground and died. Now He is too remote and too powerful to directly have dealings with humankind. 

However, he dispenses for their benefit a little of his power, and this spirit power is what faithful servants call down specially trained to be the intermediary between humanity and the Supreme Being.

Onyankopgn Wise Sayings

Wope aka asem akyere Onyankopgn akakyere mframa.
If you wish to tell anything to the Supreme Being, tell it to the winds.

Onyankopgn amma asonomjoa katakyi biribi a, gmaa no ahodannan.
If the Supreme Being gave the swallow nothing else, He gave it swiftness in turning.

Waye Onyankopgn de okg asaman.
He has gone to the spirit world

Did you know

Onyankopon African Ashanti Supreme Being of all inspired a Japanese anime show.

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